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Chromecast Amazon Prime | How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Using Chromecast



Chromecast Amazon Prime

Since Amazon has released the Prime Instant Video app for all Android devices, it is now possible to Chromecast the Amazon Prime video right from your Android phone. Unfortunately, it is not applicable for iPhone and iPad users, who are left out in the cold on this one. But you can still cast your videos from your PC or Mac. when following the technique below, make sure to plug in your phone since this may drain your battery.

Chromecast Amazon Prime

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Chromecast Amazon Prime Instant Video from Android

Follow the given steps to Chromecast the Amazon Prime Instant Video from your Android device.

Step 1: Download the Amazon Prime Instant Video app, On your Android Phone, head over to this link to download the Amazon Underground App. Your Phone is configured to allow the sideloading of apps. To do this, go to Settings -> Security and make sure the “Unknown Sources” are checked. If this is already checked, then you can install the Amazon Underground App.

Step 2: After you have installed the Amazon Underground App, you need to install the Amazon Prime Video app. Simply search for it and click the install. If you have a Samsung device, there is a good chance that this app has been pre-loaded on your Phone.

Chromecast Amazon Prime

Step 3: Now open up the Google Home App on your Android device. Once it finishes loading, click the hamburger icon in the upper left corner and click the cast screen. Once you do this, it will prompt you to select which Chromecast you would like to cast your screen to.

Step 4: Now that you have successfully cast your screen to your Google Chromecast, you are ready to start watching the Amazon Prime Instant Video. All you need to do now is open up the Prime Instant Video app and then start watching something. You can see that whatever you watch on your phone is now displayed on your Chromecast. You can use this technique to mirror just about any app onto your Chromecast.

Step 5: While Chromecasting the Video, your Android screen may appear to be zoomed on your TV. To fix this, all you have to do is to go into the settings and change the aspect ratio to “just scan” or “1:1”.

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