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The Importance Of Mobile Testing



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Over 7 billion users have downloaded approximately 155 billion mobile apps from two major app stores alone. Mobile app downloads could balloon up to 230 billion in the next five years. This forecast suggests that mobile app development is a hot and profitable business.  

If you’re planning to pursue this course, you should know that you have millions of competitors. So, you must be competitive by developing a better product. One way to achieve this is to subject your app to mobile app testing services. You can enhance your application’s functionality, usability, and overall quality through mobile tests. This will improve user experience and help you gain more users over time.  

Continue reading to learn more about mobile testing and how you can benefit from it.

Provide Unmatched UX (User Experience) 

QA analysts conduct mobile testing by acting as your mobile app users. They will go through and use your app to experience what your audience would have experienced if it’s already launched. Doing this will determine potential issues and bugs that users might encounter at any time. QA engineers will perform several tests to ensure that they have assessed all areas. They will then report their findings to you to improve your app and provide your users with a valuable UX.

Tools For Remote Teams (1)

Develop a Fully Functional Mobile App

You don’t want glitches, bugs, and frequent crashes in your app. These issues affect the functionality and overall performance of your app, which will affect the customer experience. Thus, you should conduct mobile testing before the official launching of your app. QA analysts will meticulously examine your app to ensure that they pass the application performance requirements. They will also see that the app works in its intended devices, resolutions, and other functional factors.

Gain Loyal Users

When you develop a functional, usable, secure, and seamless mobile app, you will retain your users. Your customers will continue using your app since they find it helpful and enjoyable. Your loyal users will recommend your app to other people in one way or another. In the long run, you’ll gain more customers who will also become loyal users of your application.

Build Customer Trust

Many mobile users are hesitant to download and use an app if they don’t feel secure. By running your app through mobile tests, you can guarantee your users that you have a highly secure app. So, they can use your app, conduct transactions, and share their profile information without worrying about a thing. On top of this, you will also benefit from mobile security testing. You can avoid hacking, fraud, and virus or malware infection, negatively impacting your app and brand. 

Usability for New Users

Using your app should not be difficult and challenging for users who haven’t used it yet. If they struggle to figure out how to use your app on their first try, they might lose interest. They can also quickly stop trying and move to similar apps which offer a similar service. You need to subject your app to mobile usability testing to not be in this situation. This will ensure that your application is user-friendly, even if it’s their first download. QA analysts will also give you feedback on your app layout and interface. In this way, you can modify areas that need improvement to enhance the usability of your app.


Mobile testing is essential for apps that require localization settings. You can create different app versions for other regions to better connect with your users. Localizing your app will better suit your users’ culture, language, and time. As a result, your app will satisfy the needs and wants of your users. This will give you leverage over other competing apps that don’t employ the same strategy. 

Mobile testing is a vital aspect and an advantage of mobile application development. You need to conduct a comprehensive portable test to optimize your app for its users. You can ensure that your app is functional, usable, compatible, and secure through these tests.