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How to Fix Kodi Not Working on Google TV



Kodi not working on Google TV

Experiencing issues with Kodi on your Google TV? It’s frustrating to miss out on streaming your favorite shows and movies. Our experts have compiled troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem of Kodi not working on Google TV. By identifying the underlying causes and following our step-by-step solutions, you can get back to enjoying your Kodi content hassle-free without the need for technical expertise. Say goodbye to the frustration and start streaming your favorite Kodi content on Google TV again.

Kodi Doesn’t Work on Google TV – Associated Causes

If Kodi isn’t working on your Chromecast with Google TV, it may be for the following reasons. Most of the common causes are listed below.

  1. Unstable or poor internet connectivity
  2. Outdated version of the Kodi app
  3. Kodi is geo-restricted
  4. Chromecast with Google TV runs on an outdated version
Issue TypeCausesFixes
Connectivity-Related IssueKodi is not loading or opening
Media playback buffering or stopped playing
Reset your router, move closer to your router or switch to a wired connection.
Service-Related Issue Kodi internal app issuesReinstall the add-ons, and restart the Kodi app.
Device-Related IssueOutdated app version
Outdated Google TV software
Update the app to the latest version, clear the app cache and data, uninstall and reinstall the app

Update the device software to the latest version and check if the software is supported by Kodi.

If you come across Kodi not loading, opening, or media playback buffering or stopped playing, then the issue may be because of the WiFi or internet connection of the Google TV.

You may come across service-related issues when there is a problem with internal issues. If the content that you intend to stream is not available on Kodi, that is also related to service issues.

Not all the time, the issue may be with Kodi. Sometimes, the app may not work when there is a bug or temporary glitch within Google TV. It can be resolved by a general reboot or a hard reset.


Our team of troubleshooting experts recommends the following fixes to try when you get Kodi not working issue.

Here are the possible fixes for the connectivity-related issue of Kodi that you will face when you try to stream on Google TV.

1. Perform an Internet Speed Test

Is Kodi not loading on Chromecast with Google TV? If so, it may be due to an unstable or poor WiFi connection.

Performing a speed test for the WIFI connection of your Google TV will help find out if there is an internet connection issue. You must have a minimum of 3mbps-8mbps to watch the Kodi app on your Google TV. If the speed test result is below average, choose a different WiFi for buffer-free streaming.

2. Restart the WiFi Router

Restarting your router will fix internet throttling or bandwidth-related issue. With this, you may be able to stream Kodi without buffering. However, if you still find lagging issues while streaming Kodi, you shall reach out to your ISP to resolve the issue.

3. Disconnect Other Devices

Kodi may not work, or the video lags if the WiFi or internet is shared between different devices. When the bandwidth is shared, you may find Kodi not working issue on Google TV. So, it is recommended to disconnect other devices, excluding your Google TV, to watch Kodi without limitations or load time.

Here are the service-related fixes for Kodi not working issue on Google TV.

1. Relaunch Kodi

At times, Kodi may be crashed if too many users have tried to access it at the same time. You shall close and relaunch the app on your Google TV to check if it is working.

2. Restart Kodi

At times, a temporary bug or error may be the reason why Kodi doesn’t work on your Google TV. It can be resolved upon restarting the Kodi app.

3. Update Kodi App

You will come across the Kodi app not working on Google TV if you haven’t updated the app in a while on your Google TV. Upon updating the Google TV app with the latest version, the issue will get resolved.

To Update Kodi:

  • From Google TV Home, select Your Apps > Select Kodi > Click the Ok button to update the app on your TV.

4. Uninstall Kodi

In most cases, Google TV apps will auto-update in the background. The update may be interrupted or might not have been installed properly, and as a result, Kodi goes non-working. The user can uninstall the latest app version to get back to the previous version of Kodi on Google TV.

To Uninstall Kodi Update:

  • Go to the Apps section > Long-press the Kodi app icon > Select Uninstall Updates > Then, install the latest version of Kodi from the Play Store.

Here are the possible fixes for the device-related issue when you face while streaming Kodi.

1. Watch Kodi on a Different Device

When Kodi is not working, you can try to watch Kodi on any of your devices to check if the issue is with the service or device. If you can watch Kodi content on one another device, it means the problem is with your Google TV.

2. Clear Kodi Cache

Kodi stores your search history, preference, and other data in the cache memory. If the cache files are corrupted, you might come across Kodi failing to work on Google TV. It is recommended to clear the cache files on Google TV or the temporary storage, which in turn removes the corrupted local files.

To Cear Cache:

  • Go to Apps > Select Kodi > Choose Clear Cache.

3. Force Stop Kodi on Google TV

Force closing Kodi on your Google TV is one of the best troubleshooting tricks when you come across not working issues. It will fix any temporary bug and lets you stream Kodi content without limitation.

To Force Close Kodi:

  • Go to Settings > Select Apps > Highlight Kodi > Press Enter > Select Force Stop.

4. Restart Google TV

At times, Google TV may misbehave, and it may be the reason for Kodi not working. A simple restart of Google TV will fix the issue, and you will be able to watch your desired content on your TV.

To Restart Google TV:

  • Go to Settings > System > Select Restart.

5. Update Google TV

If you haven’t updated your Google TV in a while, then it may be the cause of Kodi not working. It is because the outdated version may hold bugs and issues, or the latest version of Kodi may not be compatible with the current version of your Google TV. All these issues can be resolved by updating Chromecast with Google TV to the latest version.

To Update Google TV:

  • Press Quick Settings on remote > Select Settings > Click System > Choose About > Enable Automatic Updates.

6. Reset Google TV

When none of the troubleshooting tricks has helped you resolve the [key], then you shall opt to reset the Google TV. We recommend it as a last resort to be done as it will erase all the data, including your customizations and preferences. Upon resetting, you need to set up your Google TV and reinstall the Kodi app to stream the service without issue.

Contact Kodi Customer Support

If you cannot get resolved the issue, we recommend you contact customer support at Kodi. You may look for the FAQ or Help page of Kodi for any general answers. In addition, you can avail the customer support via live chat or call to get assistance and thereby fix Kodi issues.

Alternatives of Kodi

Check out the table if you want to try some other streaming services or the best rival of Kodi.

Service NameDownload LinkInstallation Guide
Plexwww.plex.tvPlex on Google TV
Jellyfinwww.jellyfin.orgJellyfin on Google TV
Stremiowww.stremio.comStremio on Google TV


1. Can I use the Kodi application for free?

Yes. Kodi is completely free to install and use it on your compatible devices.

2. Is it safe to use a VPN with Kodi?

Yes. Using a reliable VPN service like NordVPN and ExpressVPN is the best way to protect your IP address from others.

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