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How to Install Arc Welder on Google Chrome



In 2015, Google launched a beta application that helped developers to test their apps on the desktop. They also launched a tool named Arc Welder that came with extended application support. The tools work by using a sandboxing technology that allows the dedicated Chrome plugin to execute the app like the way it works in its native interface. Although initially, it was accessible only by developers, currently anyone can download the plugin and run their favourite Android app in Chrome. Let’s see how.

Install Arc Welder on Chrome

To run your favourite Android app on your desktop, you will need the Arc Welder plugin.

  • Open Chrome from your desktop.
  • Go to the web store and search for the Arc Welder Plugin.
  • Install the plugin.

It is to be noted that Arc Welder is designed to run only in Chrome and does not work in any other browser. Also, the fact that it is cross-OS compatible makes it run properly in all chrome versions running in other operating systems like Linux, Mac, etc.

Install Arc Welder on Chrome
Install Arc Welder on Chrome

Download the APK file

For running the apps on your desktop, you have to download the APK file from a third party app store since you won’t find the APKs in Google Play Store. Before downloading make sure the ARK does not contain any malware. Always try to download from safe and secure third-party stores like ApkMirror, ApkPure, Mobogenie, etc.

Before downloading, make sure to check the user reviews and ensure that the apk is genuine and virus free.

Run the Apps on Your Desktop

Now comes the most interesting part. Let’s get on with it.

  • Open Chrome on your desktop and open the Arc Welder plugin.
  • You will find an “Add Your APK” button. Click on it.
  • Loading may take a bit of time, but once that is done change the settings like orientation, app resizes and form factors.
  • Click on the test button and wait.

You will see that the app will load separately in another window. Once it is loaded check if it is running properly and start testing.

Does it Work on All Apps

Unfortunately, it does not. When we performed the testing we found out that it works perfectly fine for messenger lite and twitter but Instagram failed to load. For the apps which worked properly, animation and certain effects were a bit lagging but the overall experience was perfectly fine.

When it comes to the games, well almost none of them worked. Arc welder was successful in loading the home screen of some of the games after which, they failed to load. While for the others, they failed to load entirely. Unfortunately for PUBG Mobile players looking to have the experience on PC, they still have to wait for a better alternative to run the games on browsers.

Apart from these minor drawbacks, lightweight apps work perfectly fine in Arc Welder. Also if you are a developer, you will find it extremely helpful to test your apps. If you have used Arc Welder, do let us know in the comment section the apps which you were able to run successfully in your Chrome browser.

Install Arc Welder on Chrome