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How to Setup Google Chromecast on Mac?



Chromecast on MAC

Before the arrival of Google Chromecast, it was necessary to install additional software to wirelessly send photos, audio, and videos to your TV through your Mac. Now the Chromecast setup on Mac allows you to easily cast your data without any hassle.

Chromecast on Mac
Chromecast on Mac

Chromecast has changed everything in regards to the digital media streaming. This post provides you with the entire things about Chromecast from Mac. Using this Chromecast setup on your Mac, it will be possible to view your favourite contents on a big screen. 

Things needed for setting up the Google Chromecast:

In order to broadcast the audio or video wirelessly from your Mac to your big screen TV, You need to have the Chromecast, a Television or Projector, Chrome Web browser on your Mac, WiFi network and a Mac computer. These simple steps take only a few moments and let you stream the contents wirelessly.

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How to Setup Chromecast on Mac?

Before you use the Chromecast app from Mac, the physical setup has to be done. You need to Manually connect your Google Chromecast to your TV without the use of WiFi.

Step 1: First, connect your Google Chromecast to the HDMI socket on the back of your TV. Insert your USB Micro-B connector to your Google Chromecast device, and then connect the USB Type-A connector into the spare USB port on the TV. If your TV does not have the USB port Google has included the power cube to plug for the power portion of the Google Chromecast into the power portion of the Chromecast into the nearby electrical outlet. 

Chromecast on Mac
Chromecast on Mac

You can also use the short HDMI extender cable to extend the range of your Chromecast connection and get connected freely on more tight spaces. 

Chromecast on Mac
Chromecast on Mac

Step 2: After connceting the Chromecast you can turn on your television. Just make sure that the input source to the HDMI channel corresponds to the HDMI socket, that the Google Chromecast is connected. Many of the Modern TVs can automatically switch the input once the new device has connected. 

Step 3: To setup the Google Chromecast you have to connect to the WiFi network on your Mac, this needs to be the same WiFi network that you need your Chromecast to connect to and use. Just remember that the Chromecast needs the stable network connection to function properly and it does not work properly offline. 

Step 4: Now, Setup the software. Just open the Chrome browser on your Mac and go to, and download the Chromecast DMG file by clicking on the Blue download button and install the Chromecast app on your Mac. Just make sure to agree to the license terms and click on the accept button. 

Step 5:After clicking the accept button the app will search for the available Chromecast devices on your network.

Note: If you have an iOS or Android device then the setup is much faster and easier with the Google Home app, that is available for free in the App Store (or Play Store), we suggest this method when possible.

Step 6: If the search takes too long, then make sure the Chromecast is connected to the Same WiFi network as your Mac and is positioned within the range of your router. 

Step 7: If your Mac is unable to find your Chromecast then check the WiFi or switch your Mac’s WiFi network to 2.4 GHz mode instead of 5GHz. 

Chromecast on Mac

Step 8: Now configure the Chromecast by clicking the blue Set Up button. Then click the applicable setup button next to your detected Chromecast and then select your Country from the dropdown list. 

Step 9: Just ensure that the displayed code on the Chromecast app is the same as the code displayed on your TV Screen. It’s better to double check the codes before clicking the “that’s my code button“. 

Chromecast on Mac
Chromecast on Mac

Step 10: Once you get connected, a confirmation message will be displayed on your Mac and Television, “Congratulations! You are ready to cast”.

Step 11: Once after configuring the Chromecast device to connect to the WiFi network, you will get the invitation message from the Chromecast app to install the Chromecast browser extension.

Step 12: Now, Click on the blue “Get Cast Extension” button and then click the add button. A popup confirmation message will appear on the screen and the Google Chromecast icon will appear on the toolbar of the Chrome browser on your Mac. 

Chromecast on Mac

Step 13: Now you are ready for casting. Using the Chromecast on Mac is very simple. Just click the cast icon in the Chrome browser toolbar to enable the cast extension. Then the contents of the Chrome browser tab will be shown on the big screen TV. You can select to stream the specific browser tab or the entire screen.

Chromecast on Mac
Chromecast on Mac

Note: Cast can be operational only when the icon is blue, and not grey.

The Apps that you can stream from your device to Chromecast

You can stream BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Google Play Music, Netflix, Pandora, PostTV, Red Bull TV, Plex, RealPlayer Cloud, Vevo, Songza, Viki, YouTube and many others. Please note that this list varies in some countries. New services are added very often and many of the video-capable websites have the built-in “cast” functionality, You don’t have to use the cast icon in the toolbar when this is available, it will appear directly in the media player. You can test this by visiting Youtube, there you can notice the cast icon directly in the video. 

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Final Thoughts

Google Chromecast is one of the most significant devices that comes into play when people want to cast their screens to other devices. It makes the job easy in casting. The quality of the casting is also good through Chromecast when compared to other casting services. 

Thanks for reading this post. You can comment your suggestions and queries on the comment box below.