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Chromecast Remote Control | Manage Chromecast with Your Physical Remote



Chromecast Remote Control

The Google Chromecast makes your work easy to browse videos, with that, you can watch them on TV, but at the time if you need pause and playback without searching for your smartphone or computer. But now you can do it from your TV’s default remote control. All these features can able to make use of the features called HDMI-CEC. Hereby using the HDMI-CEC standard and is offered in the most modern TVs, where you can use the remote that came with your TV to pause and unpause videos at the time videos playing on your Google Chromecast. Here we say that how to use the built-in TV remote as Chromecast Remote Control.

Chromecast Remote Control
Chromecast Remote Control

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How to Use Default TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast

Here just follow the given guide to use the TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast. Just follow the procedure to use the default remote as your Chromecast remote.

First, you will need to enable the HDMI-CEC on your TV to do this. Then it is a fairly common feature of modern television. Then the CEC feature is also called as Anynet+, BRAVIA Sync, SimpLink, Aquos Link, VIERA Link and it has any other number of odd names. Just follow the guide to enable the HDMI-CEC for the list of names, and we offer some steps to find the HDMI-CEC feature on your TV.

Use Default TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast
Use Default TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast

The older version TVs cannot support HDMI-CEC. Some of the older version of TVs do offer the HDMI-CEC, but it may only enable on specific HDMI port. Here some of the TVs are not designed with the HDMI-CEC may not include with the “Deck Control” will feature the Chromecast that relies on here. Normally, the Desk Control that allows your TV to send the playback button presses the options like Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward on your devices just like the Chromecast over the HDMI port.

Then it allows you to use your built-in TV remote to control and connect the devices, with that, it also works for the BluRay players and also in the set-top boxes. Moreover, these devices will generally work with their own dedicated remotes.

How to Play and Pause Via Default Remote

In the case, if you have to enable the HDMI-CEC, then your TV supports the correct CEC features, though you may never think to try it. Instead of mishandling your smartphone or searching the pause button on your laptop, use your television remote control. Now you can look for the Pause and Play buttons on your TV remote when something is playing in the back on your Chromecast make a press on the Pause button just to pause the video and make a press on the Play button to resume playing.

Use Default TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast
Use Default TV Remote Control with Your Chromecast

The process is quite simple to use where you will obviously have to point your remote on your TV. Now the remote will sends the perfect signals to your TV and then the TV will send the Pause or Play signal to the Chromecast over the HDMI port. Then it will work only in the apps that support this feature. Anyway, most of the Chromecast apps can support the process of easy Pause/Play. Then this method currently works with YouTube, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Google Play Music, WatchESPN, TuneIn Radio, Plex, and other apps.

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