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Amazon Fire TV vs Fire Stick – Everything You Need to Know



Fire stick vs Fire TV

Nowadays, Amazon is fully involved in the home entertainment business, and it has arrived with a handful of products. Then the company ball rolling with the Fire TV, and it is a cost-effective competitor for the Apple TV and Roku and designed with numerous features, and it will easily attract the audience towards it. Then the company designed a device named Fire TV Stick, and it gets compared with the Google Chromecast, that given from the factor. When we came to the functionality of both devices that offers a vast number of TV shows and movies, that includes some Amazon-exclusive content. The device from the market to stream all your favourite content, so Amazon offers two great products are entirely suit all your viewing needs. From this article, they will take a deeper look at Firestick vs Fire TV.

Fire stick vs Fire TV
Fire Stick vs Fire TV

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Comparison of Fire Stick vs Fire TV

Category Fire TV Stick Fire TV
Price $39 $69
Form factor HDMI stick HDMI dongle
Release date September 2016 October 2017
OS Fire OS 5 (Android 5.1) Fire OS 6 (Android 7.1)
Supported resolution Up to 1080p 4K
HDR10 No No
Dolby Vision No No
Ethernet No No
Storage 8GB 8GB
Expandable storage No No
Memory 1GB 2GB
Processor MediaTek 8127D quad-core (32-bit) Amlogic S905Z
GPU Mali-450 MP4 Mali-450 MP3
Bluetooth 4.1 BT 4.2 + LE

Detail Comparison of Fire Stick vs Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV device launched in April 2014. The main differentiation factors of the device have the ability to play all sort of Ultra High Definition 4K content.

Physical Appearance

The latest Amazon Fire TV device released in October 2017 is a quite simple and unadorned square plastic box, but it looks entirely different from the previous model. It is just a small square plastic box which permanently attached with a very short HDMI cable. Then the device will get connected with the HDMI port and dangle at the back of your TV. If you are familiar with Google Chromecast, it will be quite easy to use because obviously, it resembles the same. The device offers you a more impressive remote control with this device, which is around five and a half-inch long and it has glossy circle towards the top of the remote.

The remote control of the device is used here as a navigation pad, where it has an Enter button in the centre of the remote. Where you can see a Microphone icon on one of the buttons. Moreover, the remote designed with Alexa voice search feature.

The Amazon Fire TV
The Amazon Fire TV


Here we say that what is inside of Amazon Fire TV, where the third-generation Amazon Fire TV has a powerful ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz quad-core processor from Amlogic. The device that boasts 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage and finally the device has a Mali 450 GPU. This device is quite powerful enough to play all 4K movies and videos at 60 frames per second as well as HDR video. Then for the connectivity, the device has WiFi to connect to your home network with your device and Bluetooth, allowing you to use wireless headphones for a private viewing.

Amazon Fire Stick

It officially named as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, with that, this device is often referring to as  Firestick or Fire Stick. Moreover, it is the little brother of Fire TV, but it cannot be able to play the UDH or HDR video, only in 1080p.

Physical Appearance

When we come to design-wise, this device won’t knock your socks off. It is not like a plain stick; it is just quite larger than the USB memory stick of 5 years ago. The device designed with an HDMI port on one side, and it will get connected to the back of your TV. Then at another end of the device insert your power cable. But the device is intended to be hidden behind on your TV. The remote control that device with the device is entirely same as Fire TV.

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire Stick


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is possibly more interesting than its outside, where when we compared to the Amazon Fire TV, and then the latest version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite less powerful MediaTek ARM CortexA7 quad-core processor at 1.3GHz. Then the device has a similar Mali 450 GPU, and the limited hardware won’t play 4K or HDR video, it is more than enough for 1080P HD resolutions and when we come to connectivity you have to connect it with the device has WiFi for home networking and Bluetooth like the Fire TV.

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