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How to Delete/ Uninstall Apps on Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV



How to Delete Apps on Firestick

Firestick might come with a lot of pre-installed apps that you may not use. However, it is possible to delete most of the bloatware apps from the Firestick. Deleting apps from your Fire TV Stick is a very simple task that can be performed by anyone. There might be many reasons to delete apps from your device, the most common reasons are to speed up your device and free up some storage space.

Deleting unwanted and unused apps will make room to install new apps on your Firestick. On streaming devices that run on Fire OS, you can delete the app using the Settings menu or from the App Library. But if you’re looking to completely delete the app and other files related to the app, you must do it from Settings.

How to Remove Apps on Firestick Using Settings

1. Turn on your Firestick and select Settings.

2. Choose Applications from the options.

3. Scroll down and open Manage Installed Applications.

Select Manage Installed Applications

4. You can see the list of apps installed on your Firestick device.

5. Select the app you want to delete

6. If the app is running in the background, choose Force Stop.

7. Next, choose Clear Cache to remove the temporary files.

8. Select Clear Data to delete the app data from the device.

9. Go to the previous step, and choose Uninstall to remove the app permanently.

Select Uninstall to delete apps on Firestick

19. Confirm the removal by clicking on Uninstall again.

Similarly, you can follow the steps mentioned above to delete unwanted apps on Firestick.

How to Remove Firestick Apps Using App Library

1. Select the Apps button next to Settings.

Select Apps

2. Firestick will show the list of installed and frequently used applications.

3. Navigate to the desired app tile and tap the Options button on your remote (Three horizontal lines).

4. You will get a pop-up on the right with a list of options. Select Uninstall.

Choose uninstall from the options.

5. On further confirmation, click Uninstall to proceed.

6. Click OK to confirm to initiate the deletion process.

If the app is not working properly on Firestick, first try to update the app on Firestick and then move to delete the app.


1. Can you reinstall the uninstalled apps on Fire TV Stick?

Yes. You can reinstall the uninstalled or deleted apps anytime on your Fire TV Stick.

2. Is it possible to remove sponsored apps on Firestick?

Yes, you can remove the sponsored apps from your Firestick device.

3. Why can’t I uninstall apps on Firestick?

Make sure your Firestick device is connected to the internet. Restart your Firestick device and try uninstalling the apps. Some of the pre-installed apps on the Firestick cannot be removed.

4. Will factory reset remove apps from Firestick?

Yes, when you factory reset your Firestick, all the downloaded apps and app data will be deleted.

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