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How to Fix Firestick Not Working Issue?



Firestick Not Working

Amazon Firestick is a streaming device which offers a wide range of entertainment options that includes Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and much more. Even though, it is the best streaming device it may cause some issues because it is just an electronic device. Firestick not working is a simple problem and those problems can be solved easily. You may face some typical problem while using Firestick that includes app errors/crashing, audio, visual problem, blank or frozen screen and much more. Here we explained clearly the solutions for the issues which occur in Amazon Firestick.

Firestick Not Working
Firestick Not Working

Common Issues that you Face

  • WiFi connection
  • Physical Connection
  • Fire TV Remote Not Working
  • Audio
  • Turning on Fire TV stick

WiFi Connection Issue

  • If the internet connection of your device is not stable, it may occur due to a bad connection, power outage, password error and more.
  • If it may be a Password error then make sure that your WiFi password and Amazon prime account are same.
  • If you think that the problem may be with your modem and router, first check whether your modem is compatible with your device. Then check your modem has B, G, and N routers on 2.4 GHz or A and N routers on 5GHz all these specifications. If the issue may be with your wireless network, you can diagnose this issue by using the Firestick’s network usage tool.
  • If none of the above solutions are useful regarding the connection of your WiFi, just restart your Firestick device and modem to connect your device.
Firestick Not Working
Firestick Not Working

Issue in Physical Connection

  • If your device was not recognized on your the fault may be with the way that you plugged the Amazon Firestick on your TV’s HDMI port. So check your device has inserted properly on your TV and the loose connection may prevent your Firestick from being recognized.
  • After plug-in the device properly, if it was not recognized check the battery level of your Firestick. If it is low then you will have problem in finding the device, so charge your device till it gets fully charged and use the device.
  • If you still facing the same problem the issue could be on your Firestick mother board.
Firestick Not Working
Firestick Not Working

Amazon FireStick Remote Not Working

  • You may face some issues with your Fire TV voice remote or not working on the screen it may be a paring issue. To solve this issue, you have reboot your Firestick and Fire TV remote.
  • Reboot your Firestick is a simple process, where you have to unplug your device for few seconds and plug-in it back. Then pair your remote with the device by pressing the home button for 5-10 seconds.
  • If it is not working again, check the batteries of your remote and change the new batteries. Perhaps the problem continues just change the remote control.
Firestick Not Working
Firestick Not Working

Audio Error

  • In the case, if you face a problem audio not working on your Firestick, first check the volume of your TV.
  • If it doesn’t fix the issue, then check whether your external speakers are compatible with Firestick and switch the audio settings in default mode to solve the issue.
  • Then check the audio settings of your Firestick if there is any settings issue adjust it by go to Settings and select the Dolby Digital Output option.
  • Check by turn-off the Dolby Digital plus option.
  • If all these remedies are not working, the problem should be in the TV’s HDMI port. Now remove and re-plugin the port and check whether it is working or not.
  • If it is not emitting sound again, the problem should be with the HDMI port in your Fire TV stick.

Issue in Turning on Fire TV stick

  • There are only two reasons for unable to get your Firestick to turn on.
  • First, check the white light in your Firestick is glowing or not. If it is not glowing check the power cord is plugged in correctly and inserted firmly into the back of the device. It may be a loose connection issue.
  • If that resolution does not work, the issue may be in the power cord. So replace the power cord and use the Firestick.
Firestick Not Working
Firestick Not Working

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we explained all the common FireStick issues and solutions for those issues. By reading this post you will get a clear idea on how to diagnose the common problems that occur on your Firestick device. We hope the article is both helpful and easy to follow.

Thank you for reading this post. For further queries and feedback, leave a comment below.