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How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick



How To MirrorCast iPhone to Fire TVStick

How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick: Mirroring the contents through your iPhone to your Fire TV lets you stream the content and it also acts as a mirror on the iOS device or a Mac to Fire TV. Though Roku does not support the iOS mirroring, there is a solution to the Fire TV. Thanks to the folks who created a version of Reflector exclusively for the Amazon’s Media Player. You can stream the contents to your Fire TV / Firestick by using the third-party application called Reflector. It provides you with the much smoother streamline of data between those two devices. Mirroring lets the user watch all the contents of the iPhone to the Fire TV in no time So that you can enjoy watching all of your favorite contents on your bigger screen.

How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick
How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick

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How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick

To Stream or mirror your iOS device contents, first, you need to install the Reflector on the Fire TV. The application is available on the Amazon App store for Android and Costs around $6.99. You can even install it by buying it on the Appstore. Follow the given steps to mirror iPhone to Firestick.

Step 1: After installing the Reflector, you need to launch it on the Fire TV by navigating to the Apps tab and then select an app from the list of available titles.

Step 2: Once the Reflector is running on your Fire TV, you can open your iPhone and then choose to connect to the media device through AirPlay in iOS 8.

How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick
How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick

Step 3: Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.

Step 4: Inside the Control Center, there is an option for the Airplay which will allow you to choose the Fire TV as an Airplay receiver and also turn on mirroring if needed.

Step 5: The mirroring option will duplicate the contents of your iPhone or iPad on the Fire TV, So you can see it on the HDTV, while the AirPlay-only setting will allow you to send content to your HDTV on an app-by-app basis.

Step 6: If you choose to mirror your device, you can see your home screen on the Fire TV almost immediately.

Step 7: If you choose the AirPlay without mirroring. You will need to open the app, like Photos, and select AirPlay when you want to share a clip. For most purposes, Reflectors works well, when connecting an iPhone and iPad to the Fire TV.

How To Mirror/Cast iPhone to Fire TV/Stick
How To Cast iPhone to Firestick

Step 8: Video streams from the photos app and other sources do not perform well. Rather than troubleshooting, but you can use them with certain limitation and can avoid that media if possible.

Step 9: One other issue is with AirPlay itself. Not all applications support technology. Media streaming apps, in particular, often disable this feature. You may happy with the performance of the Reflector on the Fire TV and feel it was money worth spent.

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