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How to Factory Reset Firestick Remote [All Models]



How to Reset Firestick Remote

There are various reasons for Fire TV Stick remotes becoming unresponsive or even stop working. Some of the common reasons for this issue are pairing issues or internal glitches. However, before opting to buy a new Firestick remote, you should try resetting your remote and see if it works. A simple reset can fix your Firestick remote issues and can save you a few bucks.

There are different remote models that come bundled with different Fire TV Sticks. In spite of having similar shapes and buttons, the reset process might differ from model to model. After resetting, you should pair your Firestick remote to your device to start using it to operate your streaming device.

How to Reset Firestick Remote

Unlike traditional Smart TVs, the Firestick remote interface varies based on the generation/ versions. Hence the steps to reset Fire TV Stick remotes vary based on the models.

How to Reset Firestick 1st/ 2ndGeneration (Alexa Voice Remote/ Lite/ Fire TV)

1. Remove the Power cable from the Fire TV and hold for a minute.

2. Long press the Left and Menu buttons for a few seconds.

Note: For the 2nd generation remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Fire TV remote, you need to press the Back button along with Left and Menu.

3. After that, release the fingers and wait for 6 seconds.

4. Take out the batteries from the remote.

5. Connect the cable to the power source and turn on your Fire TV.

6. You can see the TV can’t be able to find the remote for pairing.

7. Re-insert the batteries into the remote.

8. Tap the Home button on the remote and start pairing.

Reset Firestick remote

How to Reset Alexa Voice Remote Pro/ 2nd/ 3rd Generation

1. Turn off your Fire TV device by unplugging the power cable and leaving it for 60 seconds.

2. Press and hold the Back, Left, and Menu buttons for a few seconds.

3. After that, release the buttons and wait for a few seconds.

4. Eject the batteries out from the Firestick 4K remote.

5. Turn on your Fire TV. The device can’t be able to pair with the remote, as the remote is unpaired from the TV.

6. Insert the batteries on your Firestick remote.

7. Press the Home button, and you can see the LED light blinks in Blue color.

Note: The Blue color denotes the remote is paired with the Fire TV.

Reset Fire TV Stick remote

How to Reset Firestick Remote Basic Edition

If you have a very basic edition or older model of the Firestick remote, you can reset it manually within a few seconds.

1. Long press the Home button on the remote.

2. Simultaneously, press the Menu button thrice.

3. Release the finger from the Home button and tap the Menu button 9 times.

4. After that, remove the batteries and disconnect the Firestick from the TV. Leave it for a minute.

5. Insert the batteries and connect the Firestick to the TV.

6. You can see the Firestick homepage on the TV screen.

7. Long press the Home button for a minute to reset.

8. Finally, pair the remote to Firestick.

Basic edition of Firestick remote


1. Can you reset the frozen Fire TV using the Firestick remote?

Yes, you can reset your frozen Fire TV using the Firestick remote. Press and hold the Play/ Pause and Select buttons on the remote for a few seconds to get the pop-up. The Fire TV Stick will begin to reboot.

2. Can you reset Firestick without a remote?

Yes. You can reset the Firestick to the factory settings without using the remote.

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