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How to Reset Amazon Firestick to Factory Settings



How to Reset Firestick

Is your Amazon Firestick not working fine? We suggest you reset your Firestick to factory settings to fix the issues permanently. However, resetting the device will remove all apps, storage, and account info that can’t be retrieved again. Once you made the reset, you can need to set up your Firestick device from scratch.

You can perform the reset process in certain scenarios when the device is unresponsive or frozen or if you like to sell it to others. There are multiple ways available to reset the Fire TV Stick device. If you are looking for a perfect guide, go through the step-by-step instructions in this article to make the reset trouble-free.

Why You Need to Reset Your Firestick

The Amazon Firestick occasionally requires a reset for optimal performance. It addresses sluggishness and software glitches and prepares the device for new users. Resetting erases data and apps, providing a clean slate. It also clears the cache files on Firestick. Accessing the settings menu, selecting “Reset to Factory Defaults,” and backing up essential information are key steps. Resetting the Firestick enhances streaming experiences and resolves common issues efficiently.

How to Reset Firestick Using Settings

1. Navigate to the home screen.

2. Using the remote, select Settings.

3. In the Settings menu, select My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

4. Within the My Fire TV, scroll down and choose Reset to Factory Defaults.

Select Reset to Factory Defaults to reset Firestick

5. A warning message will appear explaining that resetting your Fire Stick will remove all data and settings. Select Reset to proceed.

6. Another confirmation message will appear. Choose Reset again to confirm.

7. The Firestick will now begin the reset process.

8. Once the reset is finished, your Fire Stick will restart and display the initial setup screen.

How to Reset Fire TV Stick Using Remote

You can even reset your Fire TV Stick device using the remote.

1. Press and hold the Back button and Right navigation button on the remote for a few seconds.

2. You will get the Reset option pop-up on the screen.

3. Select Reset to initiate the process.

How to Reset Firestick Using a Computer

You can even reset the Firestick device from your computer.

1. First, install the Android Emulator and launch it.

2. Open the Google Play Store and download the Fire TV remote app.

3. Configure the Fire TV app and select the Firestick device.

4. Finally, perform the factory reset.

How to Reset Fire TV Remote

If your Fire TV remote is not working fine, you can reset it to fix the technical glitches.

1. Unplug the Power cable from the Fire

2. Press and hold the Left, Back, and the Menu button for 20 seconds and leave.

Firestick remote

3. Remove the batteries from the Fire TV remote.

4. Now, plug the Power cable back into the TV.

5. Insert the batteries, and press the Home button on the remote.

6. When you see the LED light on the remote, it is paired to the TV.


1. Is it possible to reset Fire TV Stick without using a remote?

Yes. You can easily reset your Fire TV Stick without using a remote via Fire TV remote app on your smartphone or by using Alexa’s voice commands.

2. What happens when you reset Firestick to factory settings?

When you perform a factory reset, the installed apps, media content, and account info will be deleted permanently. We suggest you take a backup before you reset the device.

3. How to reset Fire TV Stick PIN?

To reset the PIN, visit SettingsParental Controls → Click Change → Enter the new PIN → Click Save.

4. Can you reset Fire Stick to factory settings when frozen?

No. You can’t perform the reset process when the Fire Stick is frozen. But you can still fix the frozen screen by doing a hard restart on Firestick.

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