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How to Screen Mirror on Amazon Firestick from Smartphone and PC



How to Screen Mirror on Firestick

Amazon Fire TV Sticks packs in all the modern features that you find in costlier streaming devices. One such feature is Display Mirroring or Screen Mirroring. Screen Mirroring will help you watch the content of an app that is not available to download on the Amazon App Store. If you are skeptical about sideloading apps to your Firestick, Screen Mirroring is the best option. You can screen mirror content from your Android smartphones, tablets, or PC to your Firestick.

Unfortunately, AirPlay is only available on Fire TV. There is no in-built AirPlay support for Firestick. However, you can install the Airscreen app on your Firestick to screen mirror content from iPhones, iPad, or Macs.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Firestick

The screen mirroring feature supports Firestick 4K and later devices or Android version 4.2 and above. Update the Firestick firmware if your device is outdated.

1. Turn on the Firestick and connect your Firestick to the WiFi network.

2. Select Settings and click Display & Audio.

Select Display & Audio

3. Under Display & Audio, select Enable Display Mirroring.

Select Enable Display Mirroring

4. The Screen Mirroring feature will be enabled on Firestick.

Screen mirroring enabled on Firestick

5. Now, the Fire TV Stick is visible on your smartphone and laptop.

How to Cast Android Smartphone to Firestick

As Firestick doesn’t support the Chromecast feature, you must cast the Android smartphone using the built-in cast feature.

1. Connect your Android smartphone and Firestick to the same WiFi network.

2. Launch the app you like to cast with Fire TV Stick.

3. Swipe down the Notification Panel and tap the Cast/Screen Cast icon.

Tap Screen Cast

4. Tap on your Fire TV to get connected.

5. When connections are established, you can see the smartphone mirroring on the Fire TV screen.

How to Mirror Windows to Fire TV Stick

Using the default Cast settings of Windows, you can easily mirror your Windows PC / laptop to Fire TV.

1. Connect the devices to the same WiFi network.

2. On your Windows PC, click Notification and select Connect.

3. Click the Fire TV and choose the desired projection mode.

4. Now, you can stream the content on Fire TV from your Windows PC.

How to Screen Mirror Apple Devices to Fire Stick

Unfortunately, you can’t be able to screen mirror Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) to Firestick. However, you can install a third-party app like AirScreen on Firestick to screen mirror the content.

Install and Setup Screen Mirror App on Fire TV Stick

1. Select FindSearch on your Firestick home screen.

2. Enter the app name AirScreen using the on-screen keyboard.

3. Select the app from the search results.

4. Click Download to install the app.

5. Tap Open to launch the app and choose Start Now.

AirScreen app settings

6. Head to Settings and enable AirPlay/ Cast.

Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick

1. Open the app on your iPhone to mirror the content.

2. Navigate to Help on the AirScreen app (Firestick).

3. Select iOS and hit AirPlay.

Choose AirPlay

4. Go to Control Centre on your iPhone, click the Screen Mirroring icon, and select Fire TV.

Select Screen Mirroring to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick

5. The content will start streaming when your iPhone is paired with Fire TV.

Unfortunately, Firestick doesn’t support AirPlay. However, you can still use AirPlay from your iPhone or Mac if you have Fire TV.

Screen Mirror Mac to Firestick

Similar to iPhone, you need to enable AirPlay on Mac (AirScreen app on Firestick).

1. Go to Help on the AirScreen app and select macOS.

2. Select AirPlay and enable it. You can even select the Cast feature. However, you can only cast the content from Mac only using the browser.

Enabling macOS settings on the AirScreen app

3. Now, click the Control Centre and enable Screen Mirroring on your Mac.

Click Screen mirroring

4. Select the Fire TV.

5. Once the Mac is paired, you can see the content playing on the bigger screen.

How to Screen Mirror on Fire Tablet

Just like the Android devices, you can screen mirror the Amazon Fire tablet using the Screen Mirroring icon on the Notification Panel.

1. Head to the Notification Centre on the Fire Tablet.

2. Tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

3. Select your Firestick from the list of devices.

Note: You can screen mirror Fire tablet to devices that only support the Miracast feature.


1. How to fix the screen mirror not working on Firestick?

Here are some fixes to fix screen mirroring not working on Firestick.
1. Check the devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
2. Ensure the devices are nearby.
3. Restart the app on your smartphone if you see a black screen on Fire TV.
4. Restart your Fire TV.
5. Update the app on your smartphone.

2. What are some of the best apps to mirror Android to Firestick?

Some of the best apps to screen mirror your Android smartphone on Firestick are AirBeam, AirScreen, ApowerMirror, AirReceiver, etc.

3. Is it possible to cast Chromebook to Firestick?

Using the Cast feature on the Chome browser, you can mirror the content from your Chromebook to the Firestick.

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