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How to Set Up New Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV Device



How to Set Up Firestick

When you have a new Firestick device, you need to set it up to use it. Whether you have a Firestick streaming stick or Fire TV, you can easily setup without complications. Ensure you have an active Amazon account, which is required to sign in on Firestick during the process. Signing up Amazon account on Firestick lets you easily download apps and access other features without restrictions.

During the setup, you need to pair the remote to Firestick for the first time. Hence, we suggest you make it smooth without any rush. If your Firestick remote is damaged or doesn’t work, try using the Fire TV remote app on your smartphone to perform functions. If you are looking for a perfect guide, follow this article and go through the steps for setup below.

Prerequisites for Setting Up Firestick

Below we have listed the necessary prerequisites to set up a Firestick device.

  • Compatible Device: You need to connect Firestick to the TV using the HDMI port. Ensure your TV has an HDMI Port and streaming quality of 720p and above.
  • High Internet Speed: To access Firestick, you need an internet connection. Moreover, streaming videos and updating Firestick requires a seamless internet speed.
  • Active Amazon Account: Like the Google account on a smartphone, you need to sign in to your Firestick device using an Amazon account. Ensure to have a valid and active Amazon account.

How to Setup Firestick on TV

If you are a first-time user, you can set up the Firestick on your Smart TV or non-Smart TV easily without much complexity.

1. Connect the Fire TV Stick to the TV’s HDMI port.

2. You can even connect the Firestick to the TV using the USB HDMI cable.

Connect Firestick to TV

3. Using the Power Adapter, connect the USB cable to your Firestick and power source.

4. Power on your Smart TV and set up the HDMI port.

5. Next, press the Home button on the remote for 10 seconds so that the Firestick remote will be automatically paired with the Fire TV.

How to Sign In to Amazon Account on Firestick

1. Once the remote get paired, choose the language.

2. Select the desired language from the options you like to use on your Firestick device.

3. Now, you need to connect your Firestick to WiFi.

4. Select the desired network you like to connect to and enter the password to connect the device to the internet.

5. After that, sign in to your Amazon account on Fire TV.

  • I already have an Amazon account – You can select this option if you have an Amazon account.
  • I am new to Amazon – Choose this option and create a new account to sign in.

Note: If you have purchased the Firestick by registering your Amazon account, you don’t require to sign in to the device.

Signing in to Amazon account

6. Once signed in, the Firestick will throw a question on whether to allow the device to save the WiFi password.

7. If you like to save the password, select Yes on the next step. Saving the password makes the device connect to WiFi automatically instead of entering the password manually every time.

How to Customize the Firestick Device

1. You will be asked to Restore if you have reset your Firestick device or used the Amazon account in older Firestick devices.

Restore Fire TV option

2. Select Skip if you are using the device for the first time.

3. In the next step, you can set up the Parental Controls settings. You can turn it on by selecting Enable Parental Controls or skip it by choosing No Parental Controls.

How to Install and Stream Apps on Firestick

1. Select Get Started to install the desired apps on Firestick. If not, select No Thanks.

Note: You can even download the apps later on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

2. Now, you will get a prompt to sign in to Amazon Prime Video if you haven’t signed up.

3. If you like to sign up, select Start your 30-day free trial. If you don’t have an interest to sign up, choose Not Now.

Amazon Prime Video free trial

4. Finally, select Got It when it shows the new features of Firestick.

5. Firestick will be set up, and the home screen will appear on the screen.

How to Setup Firestick Without Using Remote

If you can’t be able to pair the Firestick remote with Fire TV, you can try the Fire TV remote app as an alternative to set up Fire TV.

1. Install the Amazon Fire TV App on your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store.

2. Sign in to the Amazon Fire TV App using your Amazon account credentials.

3. Tap on the Set Up New Device button in the app.

Fire TV app

4. Allow the app to search for your Firestick connected to the same WiFi network.

5. Enter the PIN displayed on the Firestick’s TV screen into the app.

6. Once connected, use the remote within the Fire TV app to navigate and control the Firestick’s settings.

Issues Occurring When You Setup Firestick

When you set up a Fire TV Stick for the first time, there might be the possibility of two major problems to occur. You can’t be able to connect your Fire TV to WiFi or remote.

However, you can fix those by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

How to Fix Fire TV Not Connecting to WIFI During Setup

1. Check WiFi: Ensure that your WiFi network is compatible with Fire TV.

2. Check the network listing: Press the Back button on your Fire TV remote to refresh the network list if your network is not listed.

3. Power Cycle: Unplug the power adapter, wait for 1 minute, and then plug it back in.

4. Reboot the network devices: Restart your modem and router.

5. Use Ethernet: Try connecting your Fire TV device to Ethernet using an Ethernet adapter if required.

How to Fix Fire TV Not Pairing to Remote During Setup

1. Use the remote buttons: Tap and hold the Home button on the remote for a few seconds until you see the “Press Play/ Pause to start” text on the screen.

2. Maintain the distance: Ensure the remote is no longer than 10ft from the Fire TV.

3. Reboot the remote: Take out the batteries from the remote. Wait for a minute, insert it, and try again.

4. Reset Firestick remote: If the issue persists, you can reset your Fire TV remote.


1. Can you set up a Fire TV without using the Firestick remote?

Yes, you can set up your Fire TV without the Firestick remote using the Smartphone remote apps.

2. Is it possible to jailbreak the Firestick device?

Yes. You can easily jailbreak the Firestick device using sideloading apps like ES File Explorer or Downloader on Firestick.

3. How to set up Alexa on Firestick 4K?

Launch the Alexa app on your Firestick device → MoreSettingsTV & Video Fire TVLink Your Alexa Device → Finally, start setting up.

4. Can you set up Amazon Firestick without an Amazon account?

No, you can’t set up Amazon Fire TV Stick without using an Amazon account.

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