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How to Turn On Firestick Device With/ Without Remote



How to Turn On Firestick

If you’re new to the Firestick device, you should know all possible ways to turn on your device. None of the Fire TV Stick devices completely shut down when you turn them off, they just go to Sleep Mode. There are different ways to turn on or wake up your Amazon Fire TV Stick from Sleep Mode with or without a remote. There are different ways that might come in handy if you lose your remote or if the remote stops workings.

The other way to turn on or turn off your Firestick is by using the Fire TV app or using your TV remote control. To use your smart TV remote to control Firestick, you must turn on HDMI CEC Device Control in the Settings of your Firestick.

Ways to Turn On Amazon Firestick

You can turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick in three possible ways.

  • Using the Firestick remote.
  • Using CEC
  • Using the Fire TV app.

How to Turn On Firestick Using Remote

You can easily turn on your Fire TV Stick device using the remote but in different ways.

Turn On Fire TV Using Power Button

Just like the Smart TV, you can turn on your Fire TV device using the Power button on the TV panel or remote. This is one of the easiest ways to power your Firestick device without any dependency.

Press the Power button on remote

Power On Firestick Using Alternative Buttons on Remote

If your Firestick remote is not working fine, you can use another person’s Firestick remote to access the TV. However, you need to reset the Firestick remote before you start using it.

1. Remove the Firestick from your Smart TV.

2. Long press the Left, Back, and Options buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

Select Left, Back, option to turn on Firestick

3. Now, remove the batteries from the Firestick remote.

4. Plugin the Firestick device into your Smart TV and hold on for a few minutes.

5. Reinsert the batteries into your Firestick remote.

6. Tap the Home button on the remote to get paired with the Firestick device.

How to Turn On Firestick Using CEC

If you have enabled the HDMI CEC feature on your Firestick, you can control your Fire TV using a Smart TV remote. By connecting the device’s HDMI Ports, you can turn on your Fire TV Stick device normally without any difficulty. The HDMI CEC feature lets you control and perform TV functions like turning on / off, volume controls, switching channels, inputs, and more. Ensure your device supports this feature before you start it.

Go to SettingsDisplay & AudioHDMI CEC Device ControlTurn On.

Select HDMI CEC Device COntrol

Once your turn on HDMI CEC Device Control on Settings, you can use your smart TV remote to control the Firestick remote.

How to Turn On Firestick Without Remote

By pairing the Fire TV app with your Fire TV Stick, you can easily control your Fire TV Stick smoothly like the physical remote.

1. Install the Fire TV app from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Ensure to connect a smartphone and Firestick to the same WiFi.

3. Launch the app and select your streaming device.

4. Connect the device and app using the pairing code.

5. Once the devices get paired, you can get the remote interface.

6. Tap the Power button to turn on / off your Fire TV Stick.

Select Power On to turn On Firestick

How to Fix Firestick Not Turning On?

Your Fire TV doesn’t turn On on certain occasions, such as slow internet, connectivity issues, and faulty remote. However, you can just fix it by following the troubleshooting method given below.

1. Check the internet connection: If your Fire TV Stick isn’t connected to the internet, you might not be able to turn it on. Ensure the device is connected to the internet and has stable speed.

2. Pairing issues: If your physical remote or the Fire TV app is not paired with the TV, you can’t turn on your Fire Stick device. Connect the remote to the device and check it or unpair and pair your Firestick remote again.

3. Faulty remote: The TV will not turn on if the remote is damaged or the batteries are drained. Insert the new batteries or try using the alternative remote to fix the issue.


1. Can you turn on Fire TV Stick without a remote?

Yes. You can turn On or turn Off your Fire TV Stick device without using a remote. It can be done through the Physical button or through the Fire TV app.

2. How to turn on Firestick from Sleep mode?

Select SettingsMy Fire TVSleep. It will turn On the Sleep mode on your device.

3. How to turn on Install Unknown Apps on a Fire TV Stick?

Go to SettingsMy Fire TVDeveloper OptionsInstall Unknown Apps → Select the desired app to enable. Once turned on, you can start sideloading apps to your Firestick.

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