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How to Update Firestick to the Latest Firmware



How to update Firestick

Updating the Fire Stick firmware is much necessary as it keeps the device stable for a long time. When you update Firestick, it gives you the newly rolled-out features, resolves firmware bugs, and improves the device and app’s performance. Failing to upgrade the Fire Stick device, might bring out issues frequently and disrupts the functioning of the apps. We suggest you connect your Fire TV Stick to a stable WIFI to complete the update quicker without delay.

Updating the device firmware upgrades the apps on Firestick automatically, thus reducing the manual updation of each app every time. Before you get into the update process, ensure to know about the device model. As the steps to update Firestick varies based on older and new models.

Is It Necessary to Update Firestick?

Regularly updating your Firestick is essential for a seamless streaming experience. Keeping the Firestick upgraded lets you access new features immediately, notice performance improvements, and get enhanced security patches. Taking a few moments to check for updates ensures that you make the most out of your Firestick and keep it running smoothly.

When to Update Your Firestick

Updating your Firestick is a simple yet vital task. By regularly checking for updates for an interval of 2 weeks, you can stay ahead with the latest enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring optimal functionality. Developers continually work to address vulnerabilities and protect your device from potential threats. By regularly updating your Firestick, you stay one step ahead, safeguarding your personal information, and maintaining a secure streaming environment ensures that you are benefiting from their efforts.

How to Update Amazon Firestick [Newer Models]

1. Switch on your Firestick and connect the Firestick to the WiFi.

2. From the Firestick home screen, navigate to the top menu and select Settings.

3. Within the Settings menu, scroll right and choose My Fire TV or Device on older Firestick models.

Select My Fire TV

4. In the My Fire TV menu, select About.

5. Select Check for Updates to see if there are new releases for updates.

Select Check for updates to update Firestick

6. If an update is found, select Install Update.

7. The Firestick will now start downloading and installing the update.

Once the update is installed, the Firestick will restart automatically for rebooting.

How to Upgrade Old Model Firestick Device

1. Head to Settings and choose My Fire TV from the given options.

2. Select About and choose Install Update.

Select Install Update

3. Once you select Install Update, the device initiates the upgrade process.


1. Can you update jailbroken Firestick?

Yes, you can update jailbroken Firestick anytime.

2. How to update apps on Amazon Firestick 4K?

To upgrade apps, navigate to SettingsApplicationsAppstoreAutomatic Updates → Select it to enable.

3. Why am I unable to update my Fire TV Stick device?

Sometimes, due to internal glitches or slow internet speed, you can’t be able to update your Fire TV Stick device. Check the internet speed. Reboot your Firestick and try updating.

4. How to update Firestick remote?

To upgrade your Fire TV Stick remote firmware, head to SettingsControllers and Bluetooth devicesAmazon Fire TV remotes → Select your remote → Click Update.

5. Is it possible to update Fire TV from a computer?

Yes. You can update your Fire TV software using a computer via HDMI cables.

6. How to find my Firestick Software version?

Go to SettingsMy Fire TVAbout → Select the device name. You can see the device firmware version on the right.

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