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How to Install Apps on Chromecast with Google TV



In recent days, Chromecast with Google TV is one of the most popular streaming devices which is being accessed by users worldwide. You can plug this streaming device into the HDMI port of your TV and connect Google TV to a stable WiFi connection to perform several actions. For instance, you can surf the web, install apps, sideload APK files, and many more. Similar to other streaming devices, you can search and install apps on your Google TV without breaking your sweat. Moreover, Google TV also offers users to sideload the geo-restricted apps by enabling the Developer Mode option.

How to Search and Install Apps on Google TV

By following the below procedure, you can install several apps, including Netflix, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu, Plex, and Peacock TV on your Google TV.

[1] Setup your Chromecast with Google TV, turn it on, and navigate to the home screen.

[2] After that, press the Search option using your paired remote control.

Select the Search option

[3] Also, you can select the Apps section from your home screen to pick your desired apps.

Select the Apps option on Google TV

[4] Then, enter the name of the app that you want to install on the search prompt and pick the app you want to install from the Google TV apps list.

Enter the name of the app in the search field

[5] You can use the built-in Google Assistant button on your Google TV remote to search for the app using voice commands.

Click the Google Assistant button on your Google TV

[6] Now, hit the Install button to download the app on your Google TV.

Click the Install button on Google TV

[7] When the installation is done, click Open to launch the app on your Google TV.

Click Open to launch the app on Google TV

How to Sideload Apps on Google TV

Unfortunately, some apps are unavailable on your Google TV due to the geographical restrictions set by the platform. On the contrary, you can install the Downloader on your Google TV to sideload the apps with ease.

[1] Navigate the Search field and search for the Downloader app.

[2] Click the Install button to download Downloader app on your Google TV.

Install the Downloader app on your Google TV

[3] After that, get back to the Google TV home screen and select the Settings menu.

[4] Under Settings, scroll down and choose About.

Select the About option

[5] Then, click the Android TV OS build option 7 times to enable the Developer Mode option. You’ll notify with a message indicating “you are now a developer” at the bottom.

Enable Developer mode on Google TV

After enabling the developer mode, you must grant permission to sideload apps on Google TV using Downloader.

[6] Now, navigate back to the Settings menu and choose Device Preference.

[7] Next, select the Security & Restrictions options and click the Unknown Sources menu.

Click Unknown Sources

[8] Choose Downloader and toggle on the option.

Enable Downloader on Google TV

[9] Now, get back to the main screen and launch the Downloader app on your Google TV.

[10] Then, allow access to manage media files on Downloader.

Allow access for Downloader on Google TV

[11] Enter the URL for the respective app in the search field and click Go.

Enter the URL to sideload the app and click Go

[12] Once downloaded, hit the Install button again to sideload the app on your Google TV.

Click Install to sideload the app on Google TV

Finally, you can launch and access the respective geo-restricted app on your Google TV alongside the Downloader tool.

How to Add Apps on Google TV from Mobile

If you have issues with sideloading apps using the Downloader tool, don’t worry. You can also install the Apk file on your Android device to share it with your Google TV.

[1] Install the Send Files to TV app on both your Android device and Google TV from the Play Store.

Install the Send Files to TV app

[2] Once installed, open the app on your Google TV and grant permission to access media files, and click Receive.

Click Receive on Google TV

[3] Then, open the same app on your Android device, allow permissions, and click Send.

Click Send on Android phone

[4] Choose the Apk file that you want to download on your Google TV and send it.

[5] Once you receive the apk file on your Google TV, click the file and select Open.

Select the apk file on Google TV

[6] Further, click Install to download the app on your Google TV.

[7] Finally, click Open to launch the restricted app on your Google TV.

How to Cast Apps on Google TV

Some apps have a built-in option for Chromecast. So, you can install the app on your smartphone to cast the content on your Google TV. Before casting the content, you should enable the Chromecast built-in feature on your Google TV by navigating to Settings → Apps → See All Apps → Show System Apps → Chromecast Built-in Enable.


1. How to uninstall apps on Google TV

Launch your Google TV and navigate to the Apps section. Then, choose the app that you want to uninstall and hold the Select button on your remote control. Further, click View Details and tap the Uninstall button to delete the app from your Google TV.

2. Can I install third-party apps on Google TV?

Yes. Google TV lets you install third-party apps as an apk file via Sideloading method.

3. How to stream geo-restricted apps on Google TV?

You can connect your Google TV to a trusted VPN like NordVPN and stream the geo-restricted services.

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