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How to Restart Chromecast with Google TV With & Without Remote




If you are facing any issues with your Chromecast with Google TV, there may be various reasons for the TV not working properly. Common problems include freezing, slow performance, unresponsive apps, network connectivity issues, or even software glitches. In many of these situations, a simple restart of Google TV can often solve the problem. It is a way useful troubleshooting trick to perform before you opt to reset Google TV.

Just like many other electronic devices, Google TV devices may require a fresh start to clear temporary issues or refresh their system. Fortunately, restarting a Google TV device is a straightforward process that can be done directly from the Google TV interface.

The restart option is a quick troubleshooting and potentially resolves any issues you may be encountering when Google TV or any streaming service fails to work. You can perform a restart whenever you want and get your streaming device back to optimal performance. Unlike resetting, restarting doesn’t delete any data, and thus you don’t have to set up your Google TV.

How to Restart Chromecast with Google TV with Remote

Google TV offers an inbuilt Restart option to reboot the device under necessary circumstances

1. Move to the Google TV home screen and select the Profile Picture.

2. Select the Settings tab in the menu.

Select Settings to Restart Google TV

3. Scroll down and click System in Settings.

Choose System

4. Select Restart to restart the Chromecast with Google TV.

Select Restart to restart Google TV

5. In the Restart Now window, click Restart to confirm your choice.

You can follow these steps to restart Smart TVs with Google tvOS such as TCL, Hisense, Sony, and many more.

How to Power Restart Google TV Without Remote

This method is useful when your TV remote goes missing or not working properly.

You need to remove the Power Cable of Google TV from the Power Source. Set it aside for a few minutes and replug the Power Cable to the Power Source. Now, turn ON the Google TV device. It will power restart the device.

It is important to note down that only the removal of the Power Cable will initiate the Power Restart. The removal of the HDMI cable from the TV will disconnect the TV input connection alone.


How to restart Netflix on Google TV?

When Netflix on Google TV fails to work, you can restart the device. Apart from this, check the internet connection, login credentials, and server outrage.

Does restarting Google TV resolve Google TV Wi-Fi issues?

Yes. A simple restart of your TV will resolve Wi-Fi or internet connectivity-related issues most time. If that doesn’t troubleshoot the issue, you shall reset Google TV.

How to reset TCL Google TV?

You can reset TCL Google TV by visiting Settings under your Profile. Select System >> Reset >> Factory Reset >> Erase Everything.

Why does Google TV keep restarting?

The possible reasons why Google TV keeps restarting could be an improper internet connection, disruptive power supply, or outdated device firmware. You can check these problems one after the other to stop restarting Google TV.

What to do when Google TV keeps restarting?

You can update the Google TV with the latest version to check if the issue gets resolved. If not, go for factory resetting the Google TV, as it will fix any glitches.

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