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How to Set Up Chromecast With Google TV [Step-By-Step Guide]



How to set up Google TV

Have you recently purchased the Chromecast with Google TV dongle? Or have you carried out the process of factory resetting Google TV? In either case, you need to manually set up your device with your Google TV remote to access the content. Unlike other devices, the setup process is quite complicated on Google TVs. Meanwhile, you can install the Google Home app on your smartphone and link to your device to quick up the process. After the setup, you can experience hassle-free streaming on your streaming device with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Popular manufacturers like Sony, TCL, Philips, and Hisense include Google Operating System in their lineup. However, you can follow the same algorithm to set up your Google-powered smart TVs.

Pre-Requisites to Set Up Google TV

Before setting up your Google TV, you must own the essentials mentioned below.

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Standard WiFi network
  • Google TV remote or Google Home app

How to Manually Set Up Google TV With Remote

Initially, pair your Google remote and manually set up your Chromecast with Google TV by following the prompts mentioned below.

[1] Fetch your Chromecast with Google TV and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port.

[2] Then, switch to the input source to which the device is connected.

[3] Once the home screen displays on the screen, press the Pairing button on the Chromecast device to put your device in Pairing mode.

Press the Pairing button on your Google TV

[4] Press and hold the Back and Home buttons together.

Press the Back and Home button on Google TV remote

[5] Once the LED flashes, release the buttons and press the Home button once to pair the Google TV remote with the Chromecast device.

[6] After pairing, choose your preferred language from the next screen.

Choose your preferred language to set up your Google TV

[7] Further, select Set Up on TV Instead at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Set Up on TV Instead option at the bottom

[8] Finally, you can follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup procedure on your Google TV with a remote.

Note: Remember that setting up your Google TV with remote control will take much longer time than usual.

How to Set Up Google TV Without Remote

Instead of setting up your Google TV using the remote control, you can use the Google Home app installed on your smartphone to set up the device with ease.

[1] Pair your Google remote and navigate to the Set up with the Google Home app screen.

[2] Then, fetch your smartphone and install the Google Home app via App Store and Play Store.

[3] Once installed, open the Google Home app and sign in with your Google credentials.

[4] Now, click the + icon at the top left and select Set Up Device.

Click Set Up Device on Google Home app

[5] Further, click on New Device and select your home. Click the Next button.

[6] Once your Google Home finds a Chromecast device, click Next.

[7] Select the Scan Code option at the bottom right and scan the QR code displayed on your Google TVs screen.

Scan the QR code

[8] Now, the Google Home app is successfully connected to your Google TV. Click the Accept option to accept the Google Terms of Service.

[9] Then, choose or create your room and click Next.

Choose your Home to set up Google TV

[10] After that, choose your WiFi network to connect Google TV to the internet and input your password and sign in to your Google account.

Select your WiFi network and click Next

[11] Click Continue, and grant or deny the permissions from the list and hit the Accept button.

Allow or deny permissions on Google Home

[12] Furthermore, configure your Google Assistant and set the media preferences, and click Continue.

Configure Google Assistant to set up Google TV

[13] Next, click the Allow button to grant permission for Google to connect with TV apps and click Continue.

Click Continue

[14] Enable the voice match feature and click Continue.

Enable voice match on Google Home

[15] From the next screen, select the Google recommendation services, including YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV, and click Next.

Choose the Google recommendations

[16] Now, choose the Ambient mode for your Google TV to set a screensaver. Select either Google Photos or Art Gallery and click Next.

Choose the Ambient mode on Google Home

[17] Next, you can click the Sign-Up option to stay up to date on new Google products. If not, click No, thanks.

Click No, thanks button

[18] Now, the screen will display “Almost Finished!” on your screen, click Next and tap Done to complete the setup.

Click Next and tap Done

[19] After following the prompts, navigate back to your Google TVs screen and click the Set Up Remote option.

Click Set Up Remote

[20] Choose the playback sound from a TV, Soundbar, or AV Receiver.

Choose a playback sound option

[21] Then, choose your TV brand from the list of available options.

Choose your TV brand

[22] Hit the Next button from the music page and press the Volume buttons at the side of your Google remote simultaneously to check whether it’s working or not. If it works, click Yes to proceed further.

Check the Volume buttons and click Yes

[23] Now, click Next to check the Power button on your Google TV remote. Follow the on-screen command and click Yes if its works properly.

Check the Power buttons and click Yes

[24] Finally, the setup procedure is completed. Click on Next and tap Start Exploring to navigate the Google TVs home screen.

Finish the Google TV set up and click Start Exploring

Now, you can use the touchpad on the remote control to navigate and select apps from the Apps section. Also, press the Google Assistant button and voice command an action to initiate on your Google TV.

How to Switch from Basic TV to Google TV

If you’re using Google-powered smart TVs like Sony, TCl, Philips, or Hisense, you can also set up with Basic TV mode to continue with the basic specifications. On the contrary, if you want to switch to Google TV, follow the below steps.

Note: The option to switch between Basic TV and Google TV is only available on smart TVs with Google TV built-in.

[1] Turn on your Google-powered smart TV and navigate the Home screen.

[2] Scroll through the Google TV banner.

[3] Select the Set up Google TV option.

Click Set Up Google TV

[4] Now, proceed with the on-screen prompts to set up your Google-powered smart TVs with the Google Home app.

Issues with Setting Up Google TV

While setting up your Google TV with the Google Home app, you can face certain issues. In that situation, you can use your remote control to complete the setup.

[1] If you are stuck in the middle of the Google TV setup, press the Back button on your remote control.

[2] Select Having Trouble? Option displayed on your screen.

[3] Then, choose the Set up with remote option.

[4] Choose a WiFi network and enter the password using your remote control.

[5] Then, sign in to your Google Account and follow the screen instructions to complete the setup with your Google TV remote.

How to Add & Remove Profile on Google TV

After the setup, you can also add more than one profile to your Google TV to sync across devices that you’ve signed in to.

[1] Navigate the Google TVs home screen and select the Profile icon at the top right.

[2] Then, select your Name and click + Add Account.

Click +Add Account

[3] Click Add an Account.

[4] After that, sign in to the Google Account that you want to add and go by the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.

[5] Moreover, if you want to remove a profile, navigate to Settings Accounts & Sign In Select the profile Remove → Remove Account.

How to Use Google TV to Start Watching Content

Once the Google TV device is set up, you can find the recommendations to stream content on the Google TV main menu. You can also navigate the Search section on the home screen to search for specific movies and TV shows. Furthermore, if you want to install a specific app, follow the algorithm.

[1] Navigate the Apps or Search section from the home screen.

Navigate the Apps or Search option on Google TV

[2] Pick the app of your choice from the Apps section. Else, select the Search bar and input the name of the app using a virtual on-screen keyboard.

Input the app name on the search bar of Google TV

[3] Select the app from the search results and click the Install button to download apps like Netflix, Hulu, Plex, and Amazon Prime Video on Google TV.

[4] Once downloaded, tap Open to launch the app on your Google TV.

[5] Further, you can sign in or sign up with your credentials to stream your favorite content on your Google TV.


1. How to set up Sony Google TV?

Use the Google Home app or the remote control that comes along with your Sony Google TV to set up the device.

2. Can I set up my Google TV without WiFi?

No. A stable internet connection is mandatory to set up your Google TV.

3. How to set up Google TV remote?

After putting your Google TV in pairing mode, press the Home and Back button simultaneously until the LED flashes. After that, release the buttons and press the Home button once to set up the remote with your Google TV.

4. How to set up Google Assistant on Smart TV?

While setting up your Sony, TCL, and other Smart TVs, enable the Google Assistant feature. After that, press the Google Assistant button on your remote control to trigger the Assistant feature using voice command.

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