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How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine



Sync My Boyfriend's Phone to Mine (1)

Sometimes, loyalty can be doubted when your partner is acting so strangely than usual. If that something does happen to you, then maybe it’s the best time to learn how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine.

If you doubt your boyfriend’s loyalty, there’s nothing better to do than to synchronize both of your phones in order to know what’s going on on each other phone. Although finding a little bit of privacy would be much harder this way, at least you may rest assured knowing that your boyfriend won’t do anything suspicious anymore.

There are multiple ways to sync with your boyfriend’s phone with the spyic app and similar. And in this article, we want to share with you the easiest methods to do so. How to link my boyfriend’s phone to mine? Find out in the explanation below!

Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone with mSpy

If you’re wondering how I can link my husband’s phone to mine, then mSpy would be the best solution. The thing is, mSpy actually has so many usabilities, one of them being phone synchronization. As the name suggests, when you connect both phones with this feature, the system will work automatically to deliver a great result.

And if you’re still asking about “steps to link my boyfriend’s phone to mine”, then all you need is to install the app first. Make sure to download only the legit versions you can get from the official website. Then, after the setup process has been completed, you can finally access all the synced details right from the dashboard.

The thing is, the process can be done cross-platform. You can easily sync an iPhone with an Android, and there would be no trouble.

Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone via Google

“What happens if I put my boyfriend’s sim card in my phone?” Generally, one thing that’s changing is the provider, but nothing more. If you wish to sync with your boyfriend’s phone, this is not the way to go.

However, to “sync my boyfriend’s android phone to mine”, you can also use the special services from Google. It’s called Google Sync and is usable on most Android devices. If you want to feel the experience, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your smartphone, and then log in using your boyfriend’s account;
  2. Navigate to Settings, and then pick Users and Accounts;
  3.  Next, navigate to Google and choose Account Sync;
  4. Select Sync Now option after you click the hamburger (three dots) button;
  5. In order for the sync to run properly, you also have to do the same thing on your boyfriend’s phone.

Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone via iCloud

To “screen mirror my boyfriend’s phone,” you can also try a feature through iCloud. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. On iPhone, log in with your boyfriend’s account;
  2. After successfully logging in, enter Settings;
  3. Go to Profile, and choose iCloud;
  4. Turn all the parameters you want to sync to ON;
  5. Now, do the same thing on your phone.

However, not that the steps above work limitedly for iPhones. You can’t use the same steps to synchronize cross-platform. So, if you have different phones, it’s better to use the alternatives instead.


And that’s basically it! Phone synchronization can be done as quickly as possible as long as you have the proper tool for it. mSpy as a monitoring and all-in-one app would suffice. Synchronization like this can make your phone safer since when something is wrong with one phone, you’ll know it immediately since there’s a notification for it.