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Tools For Remote Teams



Tools For Remote Teams

Are you bothered that some of your employees are not working? Well, if you use the correct working software, you’ll be able to track your workers easily. Remote work needs time, and it will also be a future trend. However, when many people work remotely on the same firm or project, it can be difficult to manage a remote team. 

But, you need to manage everything from time tracking and work visibility to give the essence of responsibility.  Some tools for remote teams can be made by any SaaS product development company, which helps people make things easy for their business.  By using the right remote team software, you can monitor your employees on what they’re doing during work hours.

This article will tell you the top useful tools for managing and working with a remote team.

Workflow Management – Trello

If you talk about Trello, it is a management software with highly visual properties with more than twenty-five million users worldwide. Using this software is very easy and manageable to make a to-do quick list for your remote employees. Moreover, Trello is the simplest and easiest tool to use a kanban-methodology principle. 

Additionally, it is the most suitable software for most business transactions. The typical Trello products work as a partnership that deals to help business owners to organize their projects into the board. In a simple explanation, Trello tells you who is being worked on, being worked at, and what type of duties is in progress. 

Using the easy workflow of Trello and different boards, your employees can quickly check-in work completed and workload. Lastly, anyone from your team can add additional customized tags to set their specific tasks properly.

Project Management – Basecamp

Project tracking is a must for team members to finish the tasks on time. This is the perfect spot for the usefulness of Basecamp. This software is one of the most effective and reliable remote team tools that most businesses can easily use. 

Using this tool, you can share and store your files online with your employees. Additionally, the software can make a to-do list for your team and automatic check-ins. Basecamp tool also tracks milestones, vacation time, events, and dates. 

Furthermore, Basecamps allows you to create a meeting and group chat online that will help you understand the software better.

Online Collaborative Platform – Miro

Another tool for remotes teams is Miro. This software is an online whiteboard that can help every organization update meetings, projects, and online presentations. You can add different contexts from various text and images and create diagrams and maps on this online board like a physical whiteboard. 

This tool can help manage every company’s team and workflow. Miro’s has deep integration with some famous tools such as Slack, Dropbox, JIRA, and Google suite to help your workflow to become easy inside a scalable online whiteboard. Using this collaborative board, you can cooperate with your team and easily manage the remote team.

Remote Communication – Slack

When it comes to correctly and adequately managing a remote team, Slack is the top tool used by customers worldwide. Slack is a messaging application that allows all the team members to stay through chat and discuss things. 

With this tool, you can make a lot of channels for specific topics or projects for your team. You can separately interact with your team members and clarify any issues regarding the team itself. It offers many kinds of communication, such as one-on-one messaging services to group chats. This tool is effortless to use, and it provides a paid subscription wherein you do voice and video calls.

Project Management – ProofHub

If you need a tool to manage projects online, ProofHub remote working software might help you. This tool comes with many various functions and features that help team members to plan and design a specific project. It also enables you to track schedule deadlines and project processes. 

ProofHub has a reporting tool feature that allows you to track your team member’s performance. Also, it gives you the convenience of communicating between your team members and team managers remotely.


It is necessary always to manage your remote team and keep track of them to improve and increase their productivity. With the correct remote working tool, you can effortlessly track your team members and keep workplace productivity with the correct remote working tool.