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Where Is the Vehicle Identification Number on Your Toyota



Toyota Vehicle Identification Number

Toyota is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the United States. However, a lot of people still struggle in finding the vehicle identification number embedded in their Toyota car model. It is quite normal because the design of these vehicles is a bit confusing and people often forget where to check the identification number.

In this article, we will make it easier for you as we will cover some easy ways to find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of any Toyota vehicle you want.

The good thing is you won’t need to worry about inspecting your vehicle as there are some other reliable methods as well. All you need is to read the complete guide and choose the option that suits you better.

Tip: check a VIN lookup to find all the details within a few seconds.

Method 1: Check Vehicle Documents

Let’s make it simple. You can easily find the VIN of any Toyota vehicle on its documents. It includes the registration documents, insurance documents, and all other documents that you receive with your vehicle. It is the most convenient way to find your VIN as you do not need to look around your vehicle for once.

It is also helpful in buying used cars as you can directly access the records of the vehicle while checking the registration documents of that vehicle.

Method 2: Find VIN On Your Toyota

You can’t always have your vehicle documents around. However, there’s nothing to worry about as you can find the VIN of a Toyota on its car models as well. 

2.1 On Vehicle’s Dashboard

The easiest way to find VIN on your Toyota is by checking it on the dashboard. You will find a metal tag with the VIN of your vehicle on it. Newer models of the vehicle now come with stickers instead of metal tags. So, look for it carefully as might not feel like a sticker without looking at it carefully.

2.2 On the Windshield

Toyota prints the VIN of your vehicle on the windshield as well. However, it is only located on the driver’s side and you will need to have a careful look to find it. The black part of the windshield is usually printed with the VIN so that it does not affect your driving experience.

2.3 On Passenger’s Seat

This one is a bit challenging as moving the seat can take some time and effort. Toyota usually prints the VIN on the bottom of the passenger’s seat. In some cases, the number is mentioned near the seat adjuster and the car owner can easily find the vehicle identification number printed there. 

2.4 On Driver’s Side DoorJamb

Have you ever noticed there’s an information and certification label on the doorjamb of your vehicle? This is where you can easily find the VIN of your vehicle. Check inside the driver-side doorjamb and you will find a metal tag with all the certification information of that vehicle. That’s where you will find the imprinted VIN of your Toyota for reference.

Decoding Toyota’s Vehicle Identification Number

Once you find the VIN of your vehicle, you can easily decode it to find some important information related to your vehicle. Luckily, there are two methods to decode the VIN of a Toyota vehicle.

The first method includes using a VIN lookup service where you can enter the 17-digit VIN and check all the associated details with the search report. This method is most effective as you do not need to do any research and the complete process is automatic too.

On the other hand, the second method requires you to understand the meaning of each symbol and number in the VIN to decode it without any tool. 

Method 1: Using VIN Lookup

To use a VIN lookup, you need to visit Toyota’s VIN Lookup service and enter the VIN in the search bar. Once you hit the search button, it will generate a report with all the details you want. The report can show you the maintenance data of the vehicle even before you purchased it. 

Also, it keeps records of all the specs and features of the vehicle as well.

Method 2: Decoding the VIN

In this method, you need to understand the meaning of each character from the VIN to understand its meaning. Here’s how you can do it:

First Character – The first character of the VIN is always a digit that indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured. 

Second Character – The second Character is usually an alphabet that shows the manufacturer of the vehicle. T stands for Toyota.

Third Character – The third character shows the type of vehicle. With this, you can understand whether it is a regular vehicle or not.

Fourth to Eleventh Character – The next seven characters show you the body, engine, series, model, model year, restraint, and security code of the vehicle. 

Twelfth to seventeenth character: This set of numbers and alphabets forms the serial number of the vehicle. It is unique to every vehicle and gives the manufacturer enough space to launch millions of vehicles with the same model. Thus, the last 6 digits are reserved for the serial number of the vehicle.

Final Words

Toyota offers some easy ways to find your VIN without meeting with the manufacturer. All you need is to check a few spots and you will get the vehicle identification number of your Toyota. Also, the vehicle documents are all filled with the VIN that gives you the easiest way to find the VIN of your vehicle.

We also covered the complete method of decoding the VIN to ensure you can know everything about a Toyota by just looking at its VIN.