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All You Need to Know About Using Firestick on MacBook



Firestick on MacBook

Firestick is a media streaming device that brings common Smart TV to a whole new level of entertainment. It lets users install apps, stream videos, and play music on TV. With all the technological advancements, it now becomes possible to use Firestick on various devices.  

More and more users are nowadays attempting to connect the Firestick to their MacBook. If you’re also trying to do so but facing some obstacles, then keep on reading this article. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on using the Firestick on your MacBook.

Get the Best Subscription

Using the Amazon Firestick to watch content on your Mac is easy. What you require is a simple subscription to any of the available packages or plans. You can choose the one based on your entertainment requirements and budget needs. The plan starts from a highly affordable one to the expensive one that provides amazing content straight to your device.

Before you choose any package, keep in mind that you will require a strong internet connection. The reason is that Firestick is an internet-based system. Hence, it will demand a stable and high-speed network connection. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can enjoy entertaining content.   

Connect via Amazon Adapter

To connect Firestick to the television and display video, it requires an HDMI port or input channel. Unfortunately, none of the MacBooks has this option. Hence, you can’t use this method. You can’t play video from any other HDMI video source on your MacBook.

You can try to make it work with an iMac featuring Target Display Mode and an HDMI to Thunderbolt or DisplayPort adapter. Or simply watch Amazon Video, Hulu, or Netflix in your MacBook browser. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use this gadget on your MacBook. You may use another way of connecting the Apple system to the Amazon gadget.

Using this method, you can stream any content present in your MacBook with any OS version to the television set having Firestick attached to it. In case you try to perform the connection on the MacBook, you can use the HDMI port on your system just to stream content out of your device. You can receive any content or display it.

Is It Good To Use a Firestick on a MacBook?

As discussed above, it is clear that you can’t connect Firestick to your MacBook. Hence, it is impossible to enjoy Amazon content on your MacBook while traveling. Never attempt to use the adapters, as it will cause damage to the Firestick and your MacBook as well.

Both Apple and Amazon do not support these attempts. Thus, you would not be liable for any customer support or service in case of any damage. However, if you don’t have a budget to afford a Smart TV, you can still enjoy the entertainment of all Amazon packages. Wondering how?

Use the casting or mirroring feature on your MacBook as well as the Firestick to establish the connection between the computers to the Firestick. But make sure that it is linked to the HDMI port on your television set.

Once you do that, you can watch any series or movies on your Mac device through Amazon’s platform. The best thing is that it will take only a couple of minutes.

Keep Track of Battery While Watching Content on MacBook

No matter which of the above-discussed methods you’re going to use, ensure your Mac device does not have a low battery. While you are watching any content, maximize the battery life to ensure non-stop entertainment.

Make sure that your MacBook holds a charge for longer and that no charger issue exists. Confirm that you’re using the latest software on your MacBook. Note that your MacBook is plugged in and powered on while using it to charge other devices through USB.

How to Mirror MacBook Screen on Firestick?

There are third-party applications that mirror the MacBook screen on Firestick by making the process of setting up easy. For example, the AirScreen app is an easy-to-use app to mirror iOS and Android screens to Firestick. Its key features include fast feed transfer, easier UI, one-time setup, and quick connection, which makes it the best.

Mirror for Fire TV is another app you can use to mirror your screen. It allows users to cast their screen to the TV set effortlessly. Simply install the receiver app on the Firestick and another app on the Mac. Splashtop and AirPin Pro are other mirroring apps you can use to mirror your screen.


Even though Amazon released Firestick to be used only with a normal television set, you can connect it on Windows laptops and macOS. It is highly beneficial when you are traveling distances or the areas where you don’t have access to a TV in your bedroom. 

As you now understand how to use Firestick on your MacBook, you can easily connect it and get the entertainment you want.