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How to Turn ON/OFF Developer Mode on Chromebook [2023]



Developer Mode on Chromebook

Developer Mode on Chromebook allows you to unlock plenty of features not available in a normal mode. To access developer mode, you need to turn it on your Chromecast. The developer mode option provides the approval to install third-party apps on your device. So if you enable this feature, you will get additional features but the security features of this device will go down. You can turn on or turn off developer mode on Chromecast whenever you need to.

Developer Mode on Chromebook
Developer Mode on Chromebook

What Happens When You Enabled Developer Mode on Chromebook

  • You can sideload the third-party Apk on your Chromebook device by enabling the developer mode.
  • You can even install Linux distributions and Linux applications.
  • It enables the advanced settings of the Chromebook that can’t be accessed with the default Chromebook.
  • You can customize the user interface, and it allows you to access & run the command line.

How to Turn ON Developer Mode on Chromebook

Enabling developer mode on your Chromebook is a simple task. But before enabling the feature backup all your data which you stored on your device. Because it may cause a loss of data on your device. You can know more about it from this official website.

1. Turn off your Google Chromebook.

2. Press the Esc + Refresh Key (Circle Arrow Key) simultaneously and tap the Power button to boot your device from normal mode to recovery mode.

Developer Mode on Chromebook
Developer Mode on Chromebook

3. The”Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a USB stick” prompt will appear on the screen.

4. Tap on the Control+D on your device.

5. When the next prompt appears on the screen, tap the Enter option.

6. Wait till your device gets restarted and proceed to setup.

How to Turn OFF Developer Mode on Chromebook?

1. Before turning off developer mode, back up your data and reboot your device.

2. Wait till the “OS verification is OFF” prompt appears on the screen. Now press the Space bar.

3. Another prompt will appear “Please ENTER to confirm your wish to turn OS verification on.” Press the Enter key.

The developer mode will get disabled on your Chromebook. Now, you can use it in normal mode.

Problems Faced when Enable Chromebook Developer Mode

  • The manufacturers will not support any damages caused using the developer mode option. If any problem occurs, you cannot climb your warranty.
  • By enabling this feature, you may lose data.
  • The booting speed of your device may get slow while using this feature.
  • Once you enable the feature, you may lose the security features.
  • Some files on the device get inaccessible when you are in Developer Mode.

Did you know? Kodi is also available on Chromebook and you can add it to stream your favorite shows.


Is it safe to enable developer mode on Chromebook?

No, it is not safe to enable developer mode on the Chromebook. Certain changes in the developer mode settings may lead to malware attacks or malfunction on your device.

What does Developer Mode do on Chromebook?

By enabling the developer mode on the Chromebook, your system lets you access some of the hidden settings and advanced features.