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How to Install Plex on Now TV Box [2022]



Plex on Now TV Box

Plex is one of the best media streaming applications that allows users to stream all sorts of media files on their desired device. This service is not only used for streaming media content, it can also save, organize and stream the contents stored on your personal device. To organize the media contents, it uses the client-server Setup. Basically, Plex is a multi-platform application that can be used on all sorts of devices easily. The media server allows you to store and access all the client apps and media files. So you can easily install this app on the Now TV Box without any issues. In this article, Let’s discuss how to install Plex on Now TV Box.

Plex on Now TV Box

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How to Install Plex on Now TV Box

Before installing the app on Now TV Box you have to enable the Developer Mode option. To get Plex service, follow the below instruction.

#1. The First thing to do is to connect and configure the Now TV box with your TV.

#2. After enabling the Developer Mode, press the following buttons on your Now TV remote without changing the order.

  • Home button – 3 times.
  • Up button – 2 times.
  • Right button.
  • Left button.
  • Right button.
  • Left button.
  • Right button.

#3. Make a note of the IP address and Username displayed on the screen.

#4. Tap on the Enable Installer option and Restart Now TV device.

#5. To accept the terms and conditions tap on the I Agree option.

#6. Now enter the password of your web server and reboot your device.

#7. From your PC, download the Plex Client-server app Zip file.

#8. Launch a web browser and enter the IP address you’ve noted before.

#9. Type the webserver Username and Password.

#10. Tap Browse and navigate to the folder where you stored the Zip file. Tap the file to install the app.

#11. Now, your TV Screen will refresh automatically and the Plex app will appear on the Now TV.

Plex on Now TV Box

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Final Thoughts

The installation of the Plex Media Server on Now TV Box is very simple. From your Now TV device, you can stream all sorts of media files on the big screen in high quality. This service allows you to stream the saved media files without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Plex illegal?

No. Plex is a legal service to use.

2. Can you use a NOW TV box without subscription?

No. You should have an account and an active subscription plan to use Now TV Box.