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iFlix Apk – How to Download iFlix Apk for Android?



iFlix Apk

iFlix is the internet TV Service, with plenty of contents that you can watch online. It provides you with tens of thousands of hours of content. iFlix streams top quality TV Shows and Movies over the Internet for a teeny tiny periodic access fee. You can watch those shows on any of the 5 devices per membership. You can also get to choose the devices that you are working hard So that you can download the Shows to your preferred device to watch later. It provides you with hundreds of movies to discover, there are tons of popular TV Shows and enough local content to last a lifetime. You can stream the content on any device at any time you want. The application even lets you download and watch movies offline. It is valid for up to 30 days. Here are the steps to Download iFlix Apk for Android:

iFlix Apk
iFlix Apk

iFlix provides you with subtitles in a lot of languages including English, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese and Sinhala. The download feature of the app lets you watch it even without internet access. This is an incredibly useful feature for everyone. iFlix has an elegant interface and a huge catalog. The application includes kids section as well. Get the first dibs on bite-sized videos, offers and more. With this app, you can have unlimited entertainment unlimited entertainment. You can choose it from the massive library of award-winning shows and movies. Download and watch offline popular TV series, full box sets, iFlix exclusives, blockbuster movies, local favorites, 24 hrs express episodes, Korean hits, and even toons for the kids.

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How to Download iFlix Apk for Android?

Just follow the steps given below to Download iFlix app for Android.

Step 1: First, open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: After opening the app, just search for the app name ‘iFlix‘ on the search box, that you can see on the top of the screen.

iFlix Apk
iFlix Apk

Step 3: Now you can see the iFlix and its related applications on screen.

Step 4: Just tap on the iFlix app and then tap install button to install it on your Android device.

iFlix Apk
iFlix Apk

Step 5: Once you click the install button the app will begin to download on your device.

Step 6: After downloading it will be automatically installed. Then simply click on the app icon to launch it on your Android device.

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iFlix vs Netflix

Both iFlix and Netflix has the cheapest subscription price, only requires RM10 per month to access its service. In this, the best part of the iFlix is there is no tiering system, So that you can access everything that the iFlix has to offer for a flat fee. At any time you can stream two separate shows on a single account, this enables you to effectively share your iFlix account with other people. But Netflix has a tiering system that cost RM42 per month, and the premium tier costs RM51 Per month. this affects the number of contents that you can stream at any one time as well with the basic Only allowing single stream.

iFlix Apk
iFlix Apk

The most significant aspect of the streaming service is the size of their content catalog. iFlix provides you with a respectable amount of western content. It also features a number of recent television shows from the United States also the reasonable selection of movies from Hollywood. It also provides a reasonable amount of Malay, Chinese, Filipino, Tamil, and Korean content on it. Netflix features more Hollywood movies and TV Shows when compared to iFlix. Netflix imposes the region locking on its library because the content licensing is more complicated than the 1MDB money trial. If you have the VPN you can set it to access another country’s Netflix content.

iFlix has contents that are available at peaks 720p. The company has said that they plan to add HD support sometime in the future, but until then, they don’t have 1080p content at this point in time. iFlix has Subtitles for most of its content, but not for all of them.  Netflix’s content quality is a little bit complicated to the users, due to its tiers. In this, a standard subscription is required to access the HD content. If you have a premium subscription, you can gain access to ultra HD content. It also has subtitles for many of the movies. Some of the recent additions to the service include Korean, Chinese, and Arabic subtitles.

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iFlix Apk
iFlix Apk

Many have been quick to say that iFlix is now no longer relevant as Netflix is better service. Netflix has a stronger western catalog, iFlix does have a better regional catalog. But it has much cheaper service than Netflix. iFlix is a good starting place to introduce the concept of online video and movie streaming to other people. If you prefer Korean dramas instead of Hollywood movies iFlix provides a better catalog for that too. But iFlix needs to extend the library of content and also add HD content for the convenient use of the user.

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