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IPTV for Android | Files Required to Play IPTV on Android



IPTV for Android

IPTV is one of the best application to watch lots of your favourite TV channels online, as long you have a good and better internet connection and play with the help of external video player like VLC Player. Moreover, it is also quite important to search and download the list of contents in the M3U format, and it is absolutely essential. You can get this app from the official website, where you can download lots of channels lists from the formate as you wish like sports, series, international channels, and more. Here setting up of the channels is not a big problem, but some of the users cannot able to understand how it works. Where you have just to add a playlist, with that, enter the text field type of many channels lists that available on the IPTV App’s website. Once after you enter the text in the playlist field, where you can start watching all your favourite channels.  IPTV for Android is one of the excellent application to watch all your favourite channel online.

IPTV for Android
IPTV for Android

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Features of IPTV for Android

The features that support your Android IPTV, and check out all the features that can be used on your smart device.

Features of IPTV for Android
Features of IPTV for Android
  • The IPTV that used on your Android device can support M3U and XSPF playlists.
  • It will maintain all your playlist history for your future reference and check out the contents that you previously played.
  • The app has the ability to play the multicast streams with the UDP proxy.
  • The contents of the app will be displayed in Grid, list or tile view of the TV channels.
  • Moreover, the EPG format of the app can support for XMLTV and JTV formats.

Files Required to Play IPTV on your Android Device

The following kinds of stuff are required to play all sort of channels on your Android device.

  • onIPTV App
  • VLC Player
  • IPTV Core
  • Perfect Player

How to Install the IPTV for Android

Here we offer you the procedures to download and install IPTV on your Android device. Just follow the step by step procedures to setup IPTV on your smart device

Step 1: To get the app first, open the play store and in the search box just search for VLC.

Step 2: Then install the VLC app on your device but do not open the app.

How to Install the IPTV for Android
How to Install the IPTV for Android

Step 3: Then again go to the Play Store and search for the ‘ONIPTV‘. In the case, if you have any problem in fetching the app from the play store just go to the home page of the application to get the app.

Step 4: Then Install the downloaded ONIPTV on your device as soon as possible.

How to Install the IPTV for Android
How to Install the IPTV for Android

Step 5: Then again get back to the Play Stor and select the IPTV Core. Then Install the IPTV Core, but you are not supposed to open.

Step 6: Where you have to run the ONIPTV on your device at the time it will ask that which media player that you want to choose to select the “VLC Player“.

Step 7: Now you have to log in to the application, where you have to enter your respective ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ from your unique Playlist URL.

  • Username=USERNAME
  • Password=PASSWORD
How to Install the IPTV for Android
How to Install the IPTV for Android

Step 8: Here you have to select the option Choose Live TV for watching our Live TV list or use the VOD for some additional selection of Films and Boxsets.

Step 9: Then make a click on any channel that you want to play.

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