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cCloud TV Kodi Addon – Installation Guide, Best Alternatives & FAQs



cCloud TV Kodi Add-On

cCloud TV is one of the  Best Kodi Addons. It is an IPTV addon which has the most extensive collection of the TV channels, and You can live-stream the main channels such as ABC, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, NBC, Sky, and many more. Additionally, you can even access a large number of radio stations from all over the world at cCloud TV Kodi addon. You can also quickly select from various categories, which is given at the cCloud TV and watch your favourite movie or TV show whatever you want. cCloud TV Kodi Addon was once a home for 100s of US and UK channels, but now it offers shows from a variety of countries.

How to Install cCloud TV Kodi Addon in Kodi using Kodibae Repo

We have provided the steps to install the cCloud TV Kodi Addon with the Kodibae Repo. Just follow the cCloud TV Guide to install the addon in your Kodi.

Step 1: Launch the Kodi app, and go to the settings.

cCloud TV Kodi Addon
How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi using Kodibae Repo

Step 2: Hover over the Addons menu option and turn on the Unkown Sources if it is not already on.

cCloud TV Kodi Addon
How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi using Kodibae Repo

Step 3: Click back to go back to the System page.

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Step 4: Now Click on File Manager option and double-click the Add Source button.

cCloud TV Kodi Addon
How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi using Kodibae Repo

Step 5: Type URL and then click Done

Step 6: Then just type the Name ‘Kodibae’ or any other name you wish, and click Done again and then Click OK

Step 7: Now just Go back to the Kodi Home Screen and click on System

Step 8: You can see the Addons menu, Just click on the install from the Zip file

cCloud TV Kodi Addon
How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi using Kodibae Repo

Step 9: Then just Select Kodil Repository from the list and then click

Step 10: Wait until Kodi addon gets downloaded.

cCloud TV Kodi Addon
How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi using Kodibae Repo

Step 11: Once it’s downloaded select Install from Repository

Step 12: Now Click on Kodibae Repository

Step 13: Go to Video addons and click cCloud TV and then click install.

Things you need to know about cCloud TV Addon

Many people are interested in watching live TV and on-demand movies and TV shows without having to pay for the cable TV subscription. The addon provides access to the unlicensed content. You can watch an enormous amount of movies and TV shows by using this addon. The cCloud scrapes content from a variety of websites. It is similar to the Exodus, Sports Devil, Pyramid, and many other Popular Kodi Addons. But still, the cCloud TV is unique in the sense it enables the users to post links on its website, which then get offered automatically in the Kodi Addon. In most of the Kodi addons, the sources offered by cannot be added to by the user. Sometimes if a website goes offline, it leads to a dead link within the addon menu, so that the addon developers should constantly update the links to ensure that they lead to the real content. If they fall behind in this practice, the addon becomes worthless.

cCloud TV fixes this problem by letting the user post their own links. This helps the cCloud to work for many years in the future, as long as the Cloud website itself does not go down. It is the innovation, which has made the cCloud TV most popular when compared to other similar addons. With its popularity, there are some serious concerns about the security and privacy concerns with the cCloud TV Kodi addon. It is the third-party Kodi addon which has not been thoroughly tested the way that the official addons have.

Another issue with the cCloud is that it has much of the content available on the cCloud seems to be pirated. Including the streams of popular channels such as A&E, and Animal Planet. And some hit shows such as American Horror Story and Breaking Bad. These channels and shows need subscriptions to view them elsewhere.


How to Download cCloud TV for Android?

There is no official version of cCloud TV apk for Android, instead, you can use the Google Chrome browser and search for the Tap the menu button and tap Add to the home screen. The cCloud logo will appear on the home screen similar to any other application shortcut or widget, You can drag it around and put it wherever you like.

Is cCloud TV Available for Roku in 2018?

cCloud TV is no longer available as a private or non-certified channel on Roku. Although the channel code still works, and the Roku website will indicate that cCloud has been added to your Roku device, the channel does not get added.

What is the Latest Version of a cCloud TV for Plex?

cCloud TV for Plex has been updated to v0.18, It is one of the greatest updates of all the time and it comes with the impressive new features. The Channel Preference has now been removed from devices and by default, only accessible through the Plex-Web option to enable for all the devices is added under the preferences. Many under the hood changes caching links, a better method for redirecting URLs and links tester. Device-based options are now implemented for the Temporary Access Control. When using this feature the plugin’s internal time is set to the cloud’s server time So that to make the Recent listing consistent through the time-zones.

Best Alternatives for cCloud Addon

Check out below for the top 3 alternatives for the cCloud TV Kodi Addon

Neptune Rising Addon:

Neptune Rising Addon
Neptune Rising Addon

Neptune Rising is the Kodi Addon for the latest Kodi Krypton, Unlike other Addons like Covenant or Exodus, the Neptune Rising is more organized and carries more links for Movies and even TV shows. You can view all your favourite movies and TV shows in HD through the Neptune Rising Addon. You can stream your favourite movies and even TV shows without facing any troubles, and you can even stream all day long for free. The Neptune Rising Addon can be found in the Blamo Repository.

How to install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon?

Poseidon Addon:

Poseidon Addon
Poseidon Addon

Poseidon Kodi Addon is one of the reliable sources for watching movies and TV shows at the utmost level of convenience on Kodi with a VPN or even without it. It is very similar to the Exodus, Genesis and Covenant Addons. Poseidon has the user-friendly design and freshly updates its contents on a daily basis. You can watch all your favourite shows without any hassle. Poseidon Kodi Addon is the excellent decision for having an excellent cinematic experience.

How to install Poseidon Kodi Addon?

Genesis Reborn Addon:

Genesis Reborn Addon
Genesis Reborn Addon

Genesis Reborn is one of the most installed addons on the Kodi along with other unofficial Addons. Genesis Reborn is the Rebirth of the old popular addon for Kodi called Genesis. Genesis Reborn is one of the most famous addons for Kodi. With Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon, you can enjoy watching thousands of free movies and TV shows without any hassle. It is the updated version of the old Genesis addon, It also provides you with a lot more features for streaming videos, without any lag.

How to install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon?

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