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F4M Tester Kodi Addon – Step by Step Installation Guide (2021) with Screenshots



F4M Tester Kodi Add-On

Streaming on Kodi with the Live TV Kodi Addons is very fun, but there are some of the Addons which are active on the back-end providing some decoding protocols. F4M Tester Kodi Addon serves as a key role player for many of the Live TV streaming Addons, due to its high decoding protocol service. Installing the F4M Tester automatically supports the Live TV Addons. You can stream the content you wish through F4M Tester Kodi Addon. F4M Tester automatically installs itself with a variety of Addons, and it is also available to install by itself. F4M Tester decodes the F4M manifest files, where the live stream file that Kodi plays is grabbed out from F4M files. Multiple bitrates can be configured through the different stream files, which can be generated depending on the internet speed or defined quality.

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How to Install F4M Tester Kodi Addon in Kodi using Looking Glass Repository

Just follow the given steps to install the F4M Tester on Kodi using the Looking Glass Repository.

Step 1: Launch the Kodi app, and go to the settings.


Step 2: Hover over the Addons menu option and turn on the Unkown Sources if it is not already on.


Step 3: Click back to go back to the System page.

Step 4: Now Click on File Manager option and double-click the Add Source button.


Step 5: Type URL and then click Done.


Step 6: Then just type the Name ‘Looking Glass’ and click Done again and then Click OK


Step 7: Now just Go back to the Kodi Home Screen and click on System

Step 8: You can see the Addons menu, Just click on the install from the Zip file

Step 9: Then just Select Looking Glass Repository from the list and then click Looking


Step 10: Wait until Kodi addon gets downloaded.

Step 11: Once it’s downloaded select Install from Repository


Step 12: Now Click on Looking Glass Repository


Step 13: Go to Video addons and click Looking Glass and then click install.

Best Alternatives for F4M Tester Addon

Check out below for the top 3 alternatives for the F4M Tester Kodi Addon

RP1 Addon:

RP1 Addon

RP1 Kodi Addon is the excellent Kodi Addon, which mainly focuses on TV and Movies. Anyone who loves the TV shows and Movies will surely love the RP1 Kodi Addon. RP1 Kodi Addon allows you to watch almost anything you wish to watch. You can get the RP1 Kodi Addon from the Looking Glass Repository. You can access all the contents from old to the newer ones.

How to install RP1 Kodi Addon?

Xtreme Odyssey Addon:

Xtreme Odyssey Addon

The Xtreme Odyssey Kodi Addon will let you access the odyssey of your favourite categories, which includes nature shows, extreme shows, movies and TV, and more. It is one of the fun option to check out. It provides you with high-quality streams with all newly updated contents. You can watch all your favourite movies through the Xtreme Odyssey Kodi Addon. The Xtreme Odyssey Kodi Addon can be found in the Illuminati Repository.

How to install Xtreme Odyssey Kodi Addon?

Vader Streams Addon:

Vader Streams Addon

Many people find that it is tough to find the stream on Kodi, for these hassles Vader Streams will give you the solution. It is a premium service, once you have to sign up Vader Streams to use it. Vader Streams Kodi Addon provides you with access to more streams than the normal one. Additionally, they offer a great support team if you have any problems. Vader Streams provides you with very reliable streams, and also fantastic support for easy to see how Vader Streams Kodi Addon has built up such solid reputation. Vader Streams Kodi Addon provides you with excellent support which will help to be pro-active and responsive while steaming the media content.

How to install Vader Streams Kodi Addon?

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