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Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon – Installation Guide



Genesis Reborn Kodi Add-On

Genesis Reborn is one of the Best Kodi Addons and the most installed addons on the Kodi along with other unofficial Addons. Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon is the Rebirth of the old popular addon for Kodi called Genesis. Genesis Reborn is one of the most famous addons for Kodi. With Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon, you can enjoy watching thousands of free movies and TV shows without any hassle. It is the updated version of the old Genesis addon, It also provides you with a lot more features for streaming videos, without any lag. We will provide you with the steps to install the Genesis Reborn on Kodi to experience better streaming.

How to Install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 1: Launch the Kodi app, and go to the settings.

Step 2: Hover over the Addons menu option and turn on the Unkown Sources if it is not already on.

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 3: Click back to go back to the System page.

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Step 4: Now Click on the File Manager option and double-click the Add Source button.

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 5: Type URL and then click Done

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 6: Then just type the Name ‘JesusBox’ or any other name you wish, and click Done again and then Click OK

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 7: Now just Go back to the Kodi Home Screen and click on System

Step 8: You can see the Addons menu, Just click on the install from the Zip file

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 9: Then just Select Kodil Repository from the list and then click

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

Step 10: Wait until Kodi addon gets downloaded.

Step 11: Once it’s downloaded select Install from Repository

Step 12: Now Click on JesusBox Repository

Step 13: Go to Video addons and click Genesis Reborn and then click install.

Things you need to know about Genesis Reborn Addon

The Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon is very convenient on the home screen for many users. Let’s take a look at the different options present on Addon’s home screen.

Movies & TV Shows: The first two main categories, which come with a huge library of movies and TV shows. There are also a lot of ways to browse what’s on offer by going into the sub-categories. When you find something you’d like to stream, Genesis Reborn will surf the Web for any available sources and provide you with the links to different sources.

My Genesis Reborn Movies & TV Shows: To use the My Genesis Reborn Movies and TV Shows, you should connect your account and IMDb account, which have the lists of media you would like to track. To make this association just go to Genesis Reborn’s main menu. Then enter Genesis Reborn Tools menu followed by the SETTINGS: Accounts menu. Now you can see the option to enter user information for some of the services, such as Trakt, IMDb, and TMDb.

Genesis Reborn New Movies & TV Shows: This category brings you the latest movies and TV shows, You can get all the new latest movies and TV shows in this section. It gets updated with all the latest content.

Genesis Reborn Channels: It allows you to access the channels in a more relaxed way. It has a small section of movie channels you can use. It is a great way to relax and check out the movies which you might not have the thought to look for. You can even access the channels which focus on particular genres, such as action, sci-fi, and crime. Other channels which don’t have the genre focus typically show the recent popular movies.

Genesis Reborn Channels: 

If you’re looking for a more relaxed channel-surfing style experience, the Channels Section is for you. There’s a small selection of movie channels as you can see. It’s a great way to relax and check out movies that you might not have thought to look for. You can see that there are a few channels that focus on a particular genre, such as action, crime, and sci-fi. Other channels that don’t have a genre focus typically show recent popular movies.

Genesis Reborn Tools: You can add subtitles and exclude some sources from being indexed, this is where you can find the options. It is very useful when you find the addon to make sure that you use it in the way it fits your needs.

Genesis Reborn Search Menu: Genesis has the option, which enables you to search for the titles across the complete addon.


How to Resolve Genesis Reborn Not Working Problem?

The Genesis Reborn may be failed to work sometimes due to the Not Stream Error. It is a rare scenario that is faced by very few people. Genesis Reborn is the most convenient way to watch movies and TV shows through its amazing fork design and appearance. Generally, this Addon does not have its own set of playback issues. But it may get the No Stream available error, just follows the steps given below to fix the Genesis Reborn not working issue.

Solution 1: Clear Providers and Cache, You can do this by getting into the tools menu for clearing the providers and cache. Then click the “Genesis Reborn: Clear Providers” option and then click on the “Genesis Reborn: Clear Cache” option.

Solution 2: Change the Set Providers Timeout, Select Tools from the menu then click on the “Settings: General” Now change the”providers Timeout” to 20-30

Where to Download Genesis Reborn Addon?

Many of the users may still be confused about where to download and install the Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon on the latest Kodi. We all know that the Genesis add-on was one of the most thriving Kodi Addons. it is the updated version of the Genesis Kodi Addon. There is a lot of repositories available to download the Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon, but it is recommended to download it by using the Jesus Box Repository as we mentioned in the installation steps. It is the best method to get the Genesis Reborn Repo. You can also use the Kodil Repository to download this addon.

How to Use Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon?

After installing the Addon, just open the Addon, After opening the Addon you can see some categories of the addon as given below.

Genesis Reborn Tools:
This option allows you to change the General Settings, Playback, Subtitle Settings, Account Settings, and the Provider Settings of Genesis the Reborn Kodi addon.

Genesis Reborn Search Menu:
This option enables you to search for whatever movies and TV show you want.

Genesis Reborn channels:
This category lets you watch the most popular channel called the Sky channel.

Genesis Reborn TV Shows and New Tv Shows:

In this, you can access all the Latest released TV shows on your Kodi

Genesis Reborn Movies and New Movies:

In this category, you can watch all your favorite movies and Newly released movies whenever you want.

Best Alternatives for Genesis Reborn Addon

Check out below for the top 3 alternatives for the Genesis Reborn Addon for Kodi

Neptune Rising Addon:

Neptune Rising Addon

Neptune Rising is the Kodi Addon for the latest Kodi Krypton, Unlike other Addons like Covenant or Exodus, the Neptune Rising is more organized and carries more links for Movies and even TV shows.  You can view all your favorite movies and TV shows in HD through the Neptune Rising Addon. You can stream your favorite movies and even TV shows without facing any troubles, and you can even stream all day long for free. The Neptune Rising Addon can be found in the Blamo Repository.

Poseidon Addon:

Poseidon Addon

Poseidon Kodi Addon is one of the reliable sources for watching movies and TV shows at the utmost level of convenience on Kodi with a VPN or even without it. It is very similar to the Exodus, Genesis, and Covenant Addons. Poseidon has a user-friendly design and freshly updates its contents on a daily basis. You can watch all your favorite shows without any hassle. Poseidon Kodi Addon is an excellent decision for having an excellent cinematic experience.

How to install Poseidon Kodi Addon?

cCloud TV Addon:

cCloud TV Addon

cCloud TV Kodi is an IPTV addon that has the most extensive collection of TV channels, and You can live-stream the main channels such as ABC, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, NBC, Sky, and many more. Additionally, you can even access a large number of radio stations from all over the world at the cCloud TV Kodi addon. You can also quickly select from various categories, which are given at the cCloud TV, and watch your favorite movie or TV show whatever you want.

How to install cCloud TV Kodi Addon?

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