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How to Enable Kodi Airplay | Installation Guide



Airplay is an efficient protocol that is specially designed for Apple devices for Mirroring Multimedia within the Apple devices and by mirroring other technologies as well. In the beginning, this process is called AirTunes, which is used for mirroring the Audio but nowadays the technology is far developed, where you can mirror images as well as videos. It is one of the highly secured protocols that helps you to view all the Multimedia on your Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad, and much more. Now the latest version of the Kodi app is designed with the Airplay option. With the help of this feature, you can easily mirror it on another Apple device. Here we are going to offer you the tutorial that how to enable Kodi Airplay on your Apple devices:

Moreover, the Kodi Airplay application serves as a Kodi media player that allows you to experience all your favorite multimedia content. It is an all-in-one Kodi Player that supports viewing and streams all sorts of things like Pictures, Videos, Listening to Audio, Weather reports, and much more.

Kodi Airplay

The combination of Kodi and Airplay is quite impressive, but earlier the app was able to support only limited resources on Airplay. So the Apple company has planned and made lots of changes in their OS as well as on the Airplay. Then the latest version of the application can easily support Audio, Video, and Pictures with Kodi Airplay.

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How to Enable Kodi Airplay

Here we will offer you a brief tutorial on How to Enable Kodi Airplay in the latest version of the Kodi application. If you want to enable Airplay just follow the simple steps, which will explain to you that how to enable Airplay on your device. Follow the step-by-step procedures to enable Kodi Airplay.

Step 1: To enable Kodi Airplay, first you have to open the Kodi app on your device.

Step 2: Select the Settings option in the top left corner of the screen.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

Step 3: In the Settings search for the Service settings option and select the option.

Step 4: Then select the General option and check for the option”Zeroconf”. Enable the option”Zeroconf”, after that; you have to enable the Announce Services to other Systems.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

Step 5: If you enable those options in the General Tab and select the Airplay option, in the Service Settings menu.

Step 6: On that page, you have to enable the Enable Airplay Support option. Now it can support Kodi airplay.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

Step 7: Once after activating your Airplay just go back to the Home Screen you can see the activities of Airplay in the app

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

The above-given instructions are just to enable Airplay on your Kodi app. Just follow all the procedures carefully and resolve all the problems carefully.

How to Setup Password for Kodi Airplay

You have to use the Password to manage Kodi Airplay, where you can keep all your data more secure at the same time. Here with the help of this feature, you can protect the Kodi Airplay. If you need to enable this password protection option first, you have to enable Airplay Support on Kodi Player. Here we offer the step-by-step tutorial to enable the Password for Kodi Airplay.

Step 1: To enable the Kodi Airplay, follow the above-given steps:

How to Setup Password for Kodi Airplay

Step 2: Now kindly use the Password Protection option to secure your Kodi Airplay

Step 3: To Enable Password, select the option “Use Password Protection“.

Step 4: Then enter a password of your choice in the “Password” column.

Step 5: Finally, click the OK button to enable your password.

Step 6: Now the Password for your Kodi Airplay is enabled and now you can access the Kodi Airplay by entering the Password only.

These are the ways to enable Kodi on your Airplay. Thanks for reading this post.