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How to Enable Kodi Airplay [Guide 2023]



Airplay is a feature specially designed for Apple devices to mirror media files from one device to another. Initially, this technology was called AirTunes, where you could only cast audio files. Now, it is highly improved, and you can mirror any media files such as photos, videos, and more using AirPlay. Kodi is a popular media center that gives access to tons of video content via addons. It supports and streams all sorts of media files. Mirroring the Kodi screen to Apple devices is the best way to stream the content. The latest version of the Kodi app is designed with the Airplay option. With the help of this feature, you can easily mirror Kodi content on another Apple device. In this blog, we’ve covered the steps to enable the AirPlay feature on Kodi.

Kodi Airplay

How to Enable Airplay on Kodi

To enable AirPlay, follow the steps given below.

1. Launch the Kodi app on your device. If you don’t have the app, download and install it from its official website.

2. Select the Settings icon displayed at the top left corner of the screen.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

3. In the Settings page, scroll down and tap the option Service settings.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

4. Navigate to the General option and tap the toggle switch near the option Announce Services to other Systems to enable Zeroconf.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

5. Then, scroll down and select the AirPlay option displayed on the side menu bar.

6. On that page, turn on the option Enable Airplay Support by clicking the toggle switch next to it.

How to Enable Kodi Airplay

7. Once enabled, you can easily mirror the Kodi screen to any Apple device at ease.

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How to Set a Password for Kodi Airplay

If you want to set a password for AirPlay, you need to enable AirPlay Support on Kodi Media Player. After enabling AirPlay, follow the below steps to set a password.

1. On the Kodi home screen, click the Settings icon >> Tap Service Settings >> Navigate to the option AirPlay.

2. Under Enable AirPlay Support, you will find the Use Password Protection option.

3. Tap the toggle button placed right to the option Use Password Protection.

3. Now, type a strong password and click OK.

4. That’s it. Now, you need to enter the password to enable AirPlay.

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Follow the above steps to enable AirPlay support on Kodi. To make the AirPlay function work properly, you need to connect the casting device and the Kodi-installed device to the same Wi-Fi connection. Enable Air Play and cast your favorite Kodi content on your Apple device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I enable AirPlay on Kodi?

Yes. You can easily enable AirPlay in Kodi Settings. To know more, refer to the blog.

2. Is Kodi free to use?

Kodi is a media player that offers more than 900 in-built add-ons for free.

3. How to set a password for AirPlay on Kodi?

* To set a password, go to Service Settings and navigate to the option AirPlay.
* Enable the option Use Password Protection and set a password.