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How to Setup Kodi Android TV Box (100% Working)



Kodi Android TV Box

Kodi App is one of the famous applications where you can watch whatever you want. The application is useful in many ways and it is very easy to configure Kodi as well. Kodi Android TV Box is also one of the major platforms where the Kodi app can be installed on the Android TV box. It is very easy to configure Kodi app on your android box. The latest versions get updated automatically. Here is the step by step procedure to configure Kodi Android TV Box:

Kodi Android TV Box

If you are ready to use Kodi on your Android TV Box you just use the Kodi ChromeCast to access Kodi on your Android TV Box. Then here we offer you two different methods to run the Kodi app on your Android TV Box. In the first method, you can use the Chrome Cast directly for accessing the Kodi app and in another method use some functions of Chromecast to stream Kodi videos and movies. Then in the above-given methods, the best method is to download the app on your Android TV box, which says that the application has to get downloaded directly the official version of the Android TV box. The direct installation method of the Kodi Android TV Box is given below.


When we compare with other Media Player application, Kodi plays an important role. Moreover, Kodi is one of the essential software for your device where it enables you to access all the web multimedia contents. The Kodi Android TV box is an amazing and exciting software, which is exactly suitable for your Smart TV. Then by installing the Kodi app on your device, you can stream all sort of HD content Multimedia that are available on the Internet. Then the application that allows you to customize the app more play, which is loaded with a lot of themes and Skins so that you can feel New every day. The main advantage of the application is that it can support for all wide range of Multimedia formats.

Kodi Android TV Box

How to Install Kodi Android Box

Now we are going to explain that how to install Kodi on your Android TV from scratch. If you already have the old version of Kodi uninstall it and move to the latest version of the application. To get the app on your Android box follows the steps given below.

The step by step procedures to get the Kodi in your Android Box

Step 1: To get the app on your device, first select Settings in your Android Box

Step 2: Then with the help of Ethernet cable you can connect your device or connect to Wirelessly.

Kodi Android TV Box

Step 3: Once you connect your device to another device anyway and now you have to connect to the internet.

Step 4: To connect to the network you have three different options they are WiFi, Ethernet, and VPN in this select anyone to connect your network.

Step 5: If you once get connected to the device, first you have to provide your Google Account for accessing further options in the device.

Kodi Android TV Box

Step 6: Then open the Google Play Store on the device and search for the Kodi app, in the search box that located on the top of the screen.

Step 7: In the search result of the application select the latest version of Kodi app on your Device.

Step 8: Then if you click the install button once the app will get download and installed automatically on your device.

Step 9: If once the installation of the application has done Test the Kodi app by running it on the Installed device.

The important Note that all the Kodi users have to connect to the Kodi VPN to protect all your identity and privacy at the time when you are streaming a movie or any videos on your Android Box.

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