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Insomniac Kodi Addon – Steps to Install Using Illuminati Repository



Insomniac Kodi Addon: Insomniac is one of the  Top Kodi Add-ons. There are hundreds of interesting Addons out there-offering just about any type of content imaginable. Still, we manage to encounter something unique from time to time. Insomniac is dedicated to 24/7 live streams, which is perfect for the cord-cutters. You can watch the TV and movies by just tuning to one of the hundreds of available streams. While using the Addon, you should protect yourself from the overzealous scrutiny of Internet Service Providers. The VPN protects you from these annoyances and secures your activities by encrypting all the data in and out of your computer using robust algorithms which make it almost impossible to explain. The VPN will let you access geo-blocked content by spoofing your location. There are plenty of VPNs available, So it is a little bit challenging to pick a proper VPN.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

How to Install Insomniac Kodi Addon in Kodi using Illuminati Repository

Just follow the given steps to install the Insomniac Kodi Addon in Kodi using the Illuminati Repository.

Step 1: Launch the Kodi app, and go to the settings.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 2: Hover over the Add-ons menu option and turn on the Unkown Sources if it is not already on.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 3: Click back to go back to the System page.

Step 4: Now Click on File Manager option and double-click the Add Source button.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 5: Type URL and then click Done.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 6: Then just type the Name ‘Illuminati’ and click Done again and then Click OK.

Step 7: Now just Go back to the Kodi Home Screen and click on System.

Step 8: You can see the Addons menu, Just click on the install from the Zip file.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 9: Then just Select Illuminati from the list and then click

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 10: Wait until Kodi addon gets downloaded.

Step 11: Once it’s downloaded select Install from Repository.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 12: Now Click on Illuminati Repository.

Insomniac Kodi Addon

Step 13: Go to Video add-ons and click Insomniac and then click install.

These are the steps to install Insomniac Kodi Addon.

Things you need to know about Insomniac Kodi Addon

Unlike other Kodi add-ons, the Insomniac doesn’t provide any on-demand videos. Instead, It works like traditional TV, so that you can see a long list of nicely organized streams that you can play at any time. It is the perfect add-on for night owls. The organized contents allow you to watch all the required contents easily without any hassle. The Insomniac also has the much simple interface, So that you cannot lose your precious time navigating the addon.

The Insomniac provides you with a wide range of options for Live TV as well as menus sections such as 24/7 TV Shows, and more. The Insomniac has a good selection of random movies and TV shows combined with a simplistic user interface, which is perfect for watching on your sleepless nights. You don’t have to be confused in looking for the movies of shows to watch, because the addon has it for you in a well-organized manner, which lets you watch the movies and TV shows without any hassle.

Best Alternatives for Insomniac Kodi Addon

Check out below for the top 2 alternatives for Insomniac Addon

Nightmare Sports Addon:

Nightmare Sports Addon

Nightmare Sports is one of the Best Kodi Addon which lets you watch all your favourite TV shows and Movies. If you are a sports fan, you will want to take a look at the Nightmare Sports Addon. As a fork of SportsDevil. This one is sure to have all of your favourites. No matter what sport you are into, No sports lover will want to miss out this one. Nightmare Sports is not the part of official Kodi repository. Live TV Addons do not work great at the time, but the Nightmare Sports Kodi Addon has so many sections including Favourites, Highlights, Blogs, Live Sports, Sports TV and Live TV.

How to install Nightmare Sports Kodi Addon?

Musashi Addon:

Musashi Addon

Musashi Kodi Addon is a movie and TV offering Kodi Addon. It is worth to get this Addon Instead of focusing on the different categories. If you are looking for an Addon for watching both the TV and Movies, it is the right choice for you. Musashi is not the part of the Official Kodi Repository. Musashi provides you with the options for watching the Movies and TV shows in high definition, and You can enjoy watching all new content through the Musashi Kodi Addon. The interface of the Addon is much simpler to use and offers you with all new contents. It has been divided into various classes, which includes Popular Movies, Playing Now, Popular TV shows, Top Rated, Top Rated TV shows, and Search option for searching the contents in no time.

How to install Musashi Kodi Addon?

These are the top 2 alternatives of Insomniac Kodi Addon. Thank you for reading this post.