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Kodi Shortcuts for Keyboard and Mouse



Kodi Shortcuts

Kodi is also called the popular Kodi media player application. The application allows you to stream all sort of Videos, Play music, View pictures, run applications, Weather updates and much more. It is an all in one media player; it can able to run all sort of Multimedia contents. When you are using this app in Desktop or Laptop sometimes, you may feel the inconvenience to change the channel or select an option, and you may think that how to use and approach these options. Moreover, you can quickly solve all these inconveniences by knowing the Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts, with that you can make the Kodi app more convenient and effective. Here we discuss the various Kodi shortcuts available and how to use those shortcuts on your desktop.

Kodi Shortcuts
Kodi Shortcuts

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Kodi Shortcuts

The list of shortcuts is available are listed below:

  • Default keyboard controls
  • Mouse Controls
  • Picture Slideshow controls

Default keyboard controls | Kodi Shortcuts


KeyGlobalVideo playbackMusic visualisation
0 (zero)Go between the two last channels (live TV channel) OR Go to “now” on the EPG/TV guide.
AAudio delay control
BLive TV: Schedule recording timersLive TV: Schedule recording timers
CContextual menuPlaylist
DMove item down (Playlist editor & Favorites window)
ELive TV EPG/TV guideLive TV EPG/TV guide
FFast forwardFast forwardFast forward
HLive TV channels windowLive TV channels window
JLive TV: Radio channels windowLive TV: Radio channels window
KLive TV recordings windowLive TV recordings window
LNext subtitleLock preset
  • “Menu” (sidebar menu on the default skin)
  • Move (File manager)
Player controls (OSD)Player controls (OSD)
NCurrent playlist window
OCodec infoCodec info
Ctrl+ Shift+OCodec Info 2 (Additional info. E.g. bitrates, cache and skips/drops)Codec Info 2 (additional info. E.g. bitrates, cache and skips/drops)
PPlayPlayVisualisation preset list
  • Rewind
  • Rename (File manager)
SShutdown menuShutdown menuShow preset
TToggle subtitles on and off
Ctrl+TSubtitle position control
UMove item up (Playlist editor & Favorites window)
VTeletextVisualisation settings
WMarked as watched / unwatched
YSwitch/choose player. For example, can be used to switch between the internal player or a UPnP target player.Switch/choose playerSwitch/choose player
ZZoom/aspect ratio
  • Pause/Play
  • Current playlist window (video & music listings)
  • Highlight (File manager)
  • Seek step backwards.
  • Prev channel group (live TV)
Seek step backwards.
  • Seek step forward.
  • Next channel group (live TV)
Seek step forward.
  • Seek step forward 10min OR Next chapter (videos)
  • Channel up (live TV)
Next track
  • Step back 10min OR Prev chapter (videos)
  • Channel down (live TV)
Previous track
Ctrl+Variable seek backwardsVariable seek backwards
Ctrl+Variable seek forwardVariable seek forward
Ctrl+Move subtitles up
Ctrl+Move subtitles down
PageUpPage upSkip to next queued video or next chapter if no videos are queued.Increase rating
PageDownPage downSkip to previous queued video or previous chapter if no videos are queued.Decrease rating
 Enter returnSelectPlayer controls (OSD)Player controls (OSD)
← BackspaceBackBackBack
EscPrevious menu OR Home screenExit full screen
. periodSkip forwardSeek step forward.Seek step forward.
, commaSkip backwardsSeek step backwards.Seek step backwards
' quoteSmall seeks to step backwards 7 seconds
Tab Fullscreen playbackFullscreen playbackFullscreen playback
Print SrcScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot
- minusVolume downVolume downVolume down
+ plusVolume upVolume upVolume up
= equalsVolume upVolume upVolume up
\ backslashToggle between fullscreen/windowed modeToggle between fullscreen/windowed modeToggle between fullscreen/windowed mode
[ left bracketSeek step forward 10min
] right bracketSeek to step backwards 10min
CTRL+ENDExit Kodi (Only on Home Screen)
DELDelete file (if enabled in settings)Remove from the playlist (Playlist editor only)Remove from the playlist (Playlist editor only)
HomeJump to the top of the menu (..)
[numbers] then ReturnJump to that time in playback.Jump to that time in playback.
[numbers] then Jump backwards in that amount of time.Jump backwards in that amount of time.
[numbers] then Jump forward in that amount of time.Jump forward in that amount of time.
 Shift+LETTERJump to that letter in a list


Mouse Controls | Kodi Shortcuts


Left Click on the itemSelect
Middle Click on the itemThe queue to the playlist
Right Click on the itemContext menu
Right Click on the blank areaBack
Mouse Wheel UpUp
Mouse Wheel DownDown


Picture Slideshow controls | Kodi Shortcuts


0Zoom Normal (100%)
1Zoom Level 1
2Zoom Level 2
3Zoom Level 3
4Zoom Level 4
5Zoom Level 5
6Zoom Level 6
7Zoom Level 7
8Zoom Level 8
9Zoom Level 9
TInfo (Exif data)
. periodNext picture
, commaPrevious picture
+ plusZoom in
- minusZoom out


These are the various Kodi Shortcuts available in your keyboard. Thank you for reading this post.