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Playlist Loader Kodi Addon – How to Install and Acess



Playlist Loader Kodi Add-On

Playlist Loader is listed as a Video addon, and it is available on the Kodil Repository. To install this addon on Kodi, you need to download the Kodil repository. Playlist Loader Kodi Addon is more of an administrative tool that helps the users to manage and maintain the playlist in the Kodi app. You can also easily create, edit, customize, and manage playlists across all sorts of addons. It is an incredibly useful tool for all users who are willing to watch multiple contents. In this article, we’ve covered the step-by-step guide on the procedures to install Playlist Loader Addon in Kodi.

Playlist Loader Kodi Add-On

How to Install Playlist Loader Addon in Kodi

Follow the below steps to install the Playlist Loader on Kodi using the Kodil Repository.

Enable Unknown Sources

#1. First, open the Kodi app on your device and click the Settings icon located in the top left corner of the screen.

Click Settings on Kodi

#2. Select System Settings.

#3. Scroll down and tap the option Add-ons.

#4. Enable Unknown Sources by clicking the toggle switch next to it and click the option Yes on the Pop-up menu.

Install Kodil Repository

#5. Go to the Home screen and select the Settings icon. Locate and select the File Manager option.

#6. Look for the option Add Source and click it.

Tap Add Source

#7. In the box, select the None option and enter the given URL: and click on the Done button.

#8. You have to switch over to the empty bar in the box and enter Kodil Repository. Then, click the OK button.

Enter the repo link

#9. Now, move back to the home screen of the application and select the Add-ons option in the vertical menu bar.

Click Add-ons

#10. On that page, select the Package Installer icon displayed in the top left corner.

#11. Tap the option Install from Zip file and select the Kodil Repository.

Tap Install from Zip file

#12. Check out and select Tap OK to download the Kodil Repository.


Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon

#13. Then, wait till you receive the addon installed notification. Once you receive the notification, select the option Install from repository in the Add-ons menu.

#14. Now, navigate and select the Kodil Repository and click the Video Add-ons.

Select Kodil repository

#15. Select the Playlist Loader Addon and tap the Install button.

Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon

#16. After installation, you can access the Playlist Loader Addon in Kodi.

#17. To access this addon on Kodi, go to the home screen, and choose the option Add-ons >> Click Video Add-ons >> Select Playlist Loader Addon and stream your favorite content.

Best Alternatives for Playlist Loader Kodi Addon

Check out below for the top 3 alternatives for Playlist Loader Kodi Addon.

Plex Addon:

Plex Addon - alternative for Playlist Loader Kodi addon

Plex is the Server Media Player, which allows the users to organize and watch all the multimedia. You need a Plex account to access and use this Plex Kodi Addon. It is the best platform to stream all your favorite content in one place. This service is compatible with various platforms, including Kodi. You can download the Plex Media Zip file from the official website and can directly install it on Kodi.

Rebirth Addon:

Rebirth Addon  - alternative for Playlist Loader Kodi addon

Rebirth is a Fork of the popular Exodus Addon with the updated code. The layout of the Rebirth is similar to the Exodus but with a few minor variations. You can get access to all your favorite content through the Rebirth Addon. You can install this Kodi Addon in the Cypher Locker Repo to turn off the automatic updates. Some other repositories can also be used to install the Rebirth. But the Cypher Locker Repo enables you to turn off the automatic updates.

Genesis Reborn Addon:

Genesis Reborn Addon  - alternative for Playlist Loader Kodi addon

Genesis Reborn is one of the most installed addons on Kodi, along with other unofficial Addons. It is the updated version of the old popular addon called Genesis. It is one of the most popular Kodi addons. With Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon, you can watch thousands of free movies and TV shows without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I download the Playlist Loader Addon?

The Playlist Loader Addon can be downloaded from the Kodil Repository, and the link for the Kodil Repository is given above.

2. How to resolve Playlist Loader check log error?

The error occurs due to the ongoing addon update or repository shutdown. To fix this error, you have to see whether the Playlist Loader Kodi source is still working or not. If the source is still active, then the update might be in process. Wait for a few hours and try accessing the addon again.