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YouTube Kodi Addon – Stream Your Favourite Media on Kodi



YouTube is one of the top Kodi Addons, which is often overlooked as being important but you can no only play the endless hours of content, but also used by many other Plugins. It is also an official Addon which is not coded by any third party. The official Kodi repository can be found in any Kodi install and is automatically added. Since many other plugins use it as the dependency and it is already installed for most. You can watch all your favourite video contents through the Kodi Player. You can access millions of video contents through the YouTube Kodi Addon. The interface of the Addon is quite simple to use and has excellent video streaming capability.

YouTube Kodi Addon

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How to Install YouTube Kodi Addon in Kodi

Just follow the given steps to Install YouTube Kodi Addon in Kodi

Step 1: On the left side of the Kodi on the click Add-ons

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 2: Click the Addon Package Installer Icon at the top left

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 3: Click Install from the repository 

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 4: Click Kodi Addon Repository.

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 5: Click on the Video addons.

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 6: Now click the Install button to install the YouTube Kodi Addon

YouTube Kodi Addon

Step 7: After completion of the installation, it will be available from the main menu under Video Add-ons.

These are the steps to install YouTube Kodi Addon.

Things you need to know about YouTube Kodi Addon

The Youtube Kodi Addon is one of the biggest and most widely used dependencies on Kodi. It is the biggest streaming website on the internet and the Youtube Kodi addon is highly integrated with hundreds of add-ons. The youtube Kodi addon gives you the interface to stream the videos from the huge streaming media website on the internet. The add-on enables you to watch the Youtube content in an easier way.

Plenty of other popular Kodi addons uses YouTube as the dependency, which passes off the search queries to it when needed. YouTube Kodi Addon is the most popular streaming service ever created. It provides you with millions of movies, shows, music videos, and more. It has all new content that will be uploaded much frequently and allows people to view it at any time. With this addon, your streaming options will be endless. Most streaming devices have standalone YouTube apps, but switching between Kodi and other app is inconvenient. The YouTube Kodi addons enable you to watch YouTube videos without having to exit Kodi, and it also gets rid of Youtube’s annoying advertisements.

The YouTube Addon enables you to playback any stream available on Youtube, it doesn’t matter whether it is live or static. Access Youtube channels, search, and save the content for later viewing. You can also access the ratings, likes/dislikes, subscriptions from within the addon. It also supports multiple languages. The application plays the videos in the high quality possible or queues up a lower quality to save bandwidth.


What is the List of Youtube Kodi Addon?

There are various Youtube Kodi addons available for Kodi. These Youtube Kodi addons use Youtube to pull the live and static content, The Add-ons include Live Tube, YouTube, Vault Polaris, FightTube, MP3 Streams, Beats.HD, Alive.HD, Documented.HD, Caught on Cam, and Grit.

How to Fix Youtube Kodi Addon Quota Exceeded Issue?

Follow the steps given below to fix the Youtube Quota Exceeding Message.

  • Go to the Youtube Addon in Video Add-ons section> highlight the addon and bring up the context menu
  • Then select the Addon settings
  • Go to advanced settings> click force SSL certificate verification.
  • In the advanced settings increase the cache size to 20mb
  • Now select the API KEY from the top menu>click Enable Personal API Keys> Click OK
  • At this point, in some cases, you need to run the unity maintenance for this to work> Restart Kodi

Note: If after doing the above-given settings and the Youtube is still not working, then go back to the Youtube settings Uncheck the Enable Personal API Keys and below that Use Preset API Key set to change the number and then click Ok. You may also find this helps, in Youtube settings click Maintenance>Clear Function Cache then click OK.

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