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Top Web Resources to Prepare for Microsoft MS-202 Test. How to Crack the Test with Exam Dumps?



Microsoft 365 Services

Interestingly, Microsoft 365 is one of the most successful services of Microsoft. With more and more businesses trying to outsource their solutions and reduce infrastructure through cloud storage and web applications, Microsoft 365 has become ever more useful. Employers and big enterprises are thriving to increase their productivity and thus are offering plenty of opportunities for professionals having their skills validated in Microsoft 365.

This excellent line of subscription services has become a huge success especially because it is offering a wide range of possibilities in terms of information storage, applications, security, etc.

Microsoft Certifications

Well, it may come as an established fact that Microsoft is a leader in the world of technology. It has gained recognition of customers and businesses across the world for developing great products and introducing cutting-edge appliances and solutions to improve working functionality for many here.

Besides this sphere of activity, Microsoft has earned the trust of professionals for its line of certifications because of the quality and standards maintained across all their training programs and courses. So, the company strives to design the best certifying programs by carrying out the research and good comprehension of the current industry requirements.

As for the newly developed role-based Microsoft certifications focusing on job positions rather than on technologies, there are top rankers among their brothers. Look now at some of Microsoft’s most popular credentials:

  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

The new credentials are divided into Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert – level certifications, so you can pick the best skills and knowledge combined to nail your dream speciality.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate

This is one of the recently elaborated certifications, Messaging Administrator Associate, which aims at validating your skills in Microsoft 365. This role-based badge is one of the six prerequisites for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. Besides, specialists who obtain this credential verify their ability to construct, configure, administer, and monitor the messaging infrastructure, client access, permissions, mail flow, and mail protection in local, hybrid, and cloud-based environments.

About MicrosoftMS-202 Exam

Now, this MS-202 transition test in Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator is the exam you need to pass in order to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification. The main requirement you should fulfil prior to applying for MS-202 is having taken the Microsoft 70-345 exam in Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Noteworthy is the fact that MS-202 exam will be withdrawn soon and replaced by MS-200 and MS-201 respective assessments.

In particular, this important MS-202 test is a 150-minute test comprising questions of various exam formats. The content of the tasks included revolve around the following core subject areas:

  • Managing modern messaging infrastructure
  • Administering mail flow topology
  • Managing recipients and devices
  • Planning and implementing hybrid configuration and migration, and
  • Securing the messaging environment

As with every Microsoft exam, within a couple of minutes after the completion, you will receive a notification regarding your pass/fail status. To achieve a pass mark, you will need to have obtained a score of 700 or above, up to 1000 points. You will also get your hands on a printed score report containing additional details and graphical analysis of your performance in various exam areas.

Why Get Certified by Microsoft?

Based on the most popular expert choices, Microsoft certifications have become clear leaders in the training and certification market. But what makes their programs so special, and are there any advantages to getting accredited by Microsoft over other vendors out there? Below you’ll be presented some key points to answer those questions properly.

  • Microsoft’s role-based certifications have a great impact on the production sphere. To provide a basis for this position, get to know that lately elaborated role-focused badges like Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate has been designed to meet the industry standards and ensure the possessing individual has the necessary technical skills and complies with the respective requirements of the employers. It’s not extraordinary, hence, that HRs would have a high interest in professionals with such desirable qualifications.
  • The path towards certification is user-friendly and versatile. Candidates are absolutely free to choose between excellent self-learning aids, courses, or vendor-based instructor-led training to build your skills without going through too much of a hassle having to restrict your daily routines. Microsoft’s exam materials have become one of the corporation’s key strengths in attracting audiences worldwide.
  • High career growth opportunities. The latest statistics show that upon earning a Microsoft certification, over 23% of respondents report about receiving a pay rise up to 20%. This way, earning the Messaging Administrator Associate certification will prove to be a rewarding and a fast track for a promotion at your workplace.

Top 3 Web Resources to Prepare for MS-202 Exam

Preparation is the key component for success in any exam. Especially with Microsoft’s exam-specific information available and the computer-based exam interface, web training and learning resources are advantageous. Be advised now on the top 3 sources for your MS-202 exam preparation.

  • Microsoft official content: You can never go wrong with Microsoft’s learning materials as they are created by focusing on MS-202 test’s particular information and covers all the subject areas. The support forums are also an excellent platform for gathering exam information and tips and strategies to enhance your performance.
  • Exam dumps from Exam-Labs: Pay special attention to this top-notch website and so, access free dumps for your MS-202 exam training and also to premium quality practice tests being accurately verified by IT experts in the area! The best feature on the spot is the ability to run these exam dumps through the VCE Exam Simulator which is the software witnessing the true exam experience for you. This will help you better adapt to Microsoft tests’ sophisticated interface and boost confidence in tackling the various question formats.
  • YouTube: Here you can find a huge collection of videos and different kinds of tips and previous test-takers’ experience being shared with you for free. You may find it easier to grasp their explanations and clear any misconceptions you have.


Microsoft 365 has become a trend in today’s busy lifestyle and race for productivity. Employers are looking forward to hiring individuals with certifications that portray the respective prolific fluency and skills in their speciality. One such great badge you could earn is the one titled Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate.

Lastly, you can make preparation for this associated MS-202 test the pleasant experience by using great web resources available such as exam dumps. With this in mind, take Exam-Labs and YouTube and extract the best of your potential!

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