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5 Free Windows Optimizers that will Improve your System



Every PC user has experienced those moments where your system starts to feel a bit sluggish. What you can go ahead to do at this time is to ensure you clean up the registry for any unwanted entries, defragging the entire file system or even going ahead to remove all redundant files. There are various tools and utilities which can ensure your PC performance is improved and the startup time is increased by being able to repair all common PC issues, freeing up disk space, as well as being able to provide repair for PC registry. PC optimization is quite an arduous task and as such it always good for any PC user to have a handy tool for ensuring this is done. There are a lot of free system optimizers which one can use to ensure their Windows 10 system is rightly optimized.


Free Windows Optimizers

This is a system optimization and cleaning tool that helps to remove any unused files from your PC. In so doing, it then allows Windows to be able to run much faster and thus, free up valuable and useful space on the hard disk. The CCleaner tool is also able to clear your internet history while also acting as a fully featured cleaner for your registry.

The CC Cleaner tool is very fast and does not contain any spyware or malware. It works to ensure your PC is able to startup much quicker and you are also to browse safely. Once your PC has that sluggish feeling, the CCleaner tool may just be the tool to try out first. Notably, it does not have the advance features evident on the System Mechanic tool, but it does just enough to clear anything slowing down the PC.

Iolo System Mechanic

Free Windows Optimizers

This is another top-notch Windows optimizer tool that ensures your PC runs faster by acting to remove junk files, unwanted applications, as well as block any bloatware and all unwanted settings for auto-run. It also works to clear out your system RAM and wipe out various logs, caches and browsing history. In so doing, system resources that are key are freed up with the elimination of various traces from your browsing history so your privacy is protected.

The System Mechanic tool is able to boost system speed and also enhance system performance while also increasing internet speed. This tool does make a huge difference and ensures the improvement of startup speed.

Glary Utilities

Free Windows Optimizers

This is essentially the best-designed all-in-one PC cleaner. It comes with over 20 tools that help to optimize the PC performance at the highest level. One is also able to quickly go ahead and optimize your computer with the aid of the 1-Click Maintenance function. The tool is able to deeply scan your PC, fixing various errors along the way with crashes and problems from freeing. Your PC thus becomes 8 times faster after when the process is complete.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Free Windows Optimizers

This long-standing PC optimizer tool ensures your Windows PC maintenance goes ahead in a fast and easy manner. It essentially keeps the Windows PC running as fast and smoothly as on the first day of instalment. There are also a plethora of other very powerful and easy-to-use tools that will enable you to configure and finetune your PC so it can work as you want it to do while also being maintained efficiently.

You can also choose to dive deeper by choosing to see and review results from the scan on a one by one basis. The Ashampoo WinOptimizer tool unlike a few other PC optimization tools like when you Download IObit Advanced SystemCare, does provide you with a full description for any identified issues, with reasons for removal and thus, you are able to make a more informed decision.

Iobit Advanced SystemCare

Free Windows Optimizers

This is one of the best ever PC optimizer software available. It works to help you repair the slow and sluggish nature of the performance issues on your PC. Like most other PC optimization tools, once you Download IObit Advanced SystemCare, you have only successfully gotten a tool that enables you to clean up all your files and folders which you find unnecessary and unrequired. It also helps to keep the Windows registry neat, while also correcting various errors on your hard drive through the use of a very simple and slick-looking dashboard.

The Speed Up module on the Advanced System Care tool helps to clean up junk files and also free up more disk space ensuring this is deeply optimized while also defragging the registry completely ensuring all unwanted applications are removed. One is also able to ensure all other possible PC issues are taken care of while using the tool.

The tool also works hard in helping to improve your internet speed while also ensuring the speed of your internet is secure from any possible malicious attacks. While also keeping an eye on the CPU, RAM and Disk conditions in real-time, it also provides an option of using your PC camera if active to capture an image of anyone trying to access your PC with no permissions.

While the tools described above are just a few of the tools capable of optimizing your PC, you can also go ahead to seek out other possible tools, without the aid of the tools as they have been depicted above. However, these tools help you optimize your Windows PC ensuring your PC works perfectly well and at top-notch levels.

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