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How to Install and Use Plex on Roku [2023]



Plex on Roku

Plex is one of the top channels available on Roku. You can install Plex directly on your device from the Channel Sypre. With Plex on Roku, you can stream over 200 live TV channels and 50,000+ on-demand content for free. It also acts as a media server, allowing us to stream our own personal content on other devices as well. In this article, let us look at how to install Plex on your Roku streaming device.

Plex on Roku

Advantages of Using Plex on Roku

  • It is compatible with most devices which has internet connectivity.
  • Access media from any device, including smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Stream locally hosted content from your computer or network storage.

How to Install Plex on Roku

Follow the steps below to install Plex on Roku:

1. First, you have to download the Plex media server on your device.

2. Once downloaded, you can install it on your device. You can stream content through Plex on Roku only by installing it.

How to Install Plex on Roku

3. On your Roku, scroll down and select “Streaming Channels.”

4. In the search channel page, enter “Plex” and search for Plex on your Roku device.

Streaming Channels

5. If Plex is available on the Roku Channel Store, it will automatically display it on the screen.

6. Choose the Plex app from the results and click the Add Channel option.

Search for Plex

7. You will be notified that the Plex is added to the bottom of your Roku Home Page.

Link your account

How to Activate Plex on Roku

Once the Plex app is installed, you must complete the process by activating the Plex account to get access to the Plex content.

1. Open the Plex app on your Roku device.

2. Click on the Sign-in button below.

3. Then, the activation code will be displayed on the screen.

4. Visit the Plex activation site on your browser.

5. Type the activation code in the field and click the Submit button.

activation page

6. Now restart the Plex app on Roku to stream your favorite content on your TV.

Alternative Method: How to Install Plex through the Roku Website?

1. Launch the browser and go to Roku’s official website.

2. Click on the Sign-in option on the top-right.

Roku Official website

3. Complete the login process using the credentials.

4. Tap on the Search bar and enter Plex on the field.

5. Select the Plex application and tap on the Details option.

6. Choose the Add Channel button to install the app on Roku.

7. Tap on the Settings option and update the Roku device.

8. After updating, your Plex app will be available on the Roku home screen.

How to AirPlay Plex on Roku

You can also AirPlay the Plex movies and shows using the built-in AirPlay icon. Before you AirPlay the content, enable the AirPlay option on your Roku TV by navigating to Settings >> AirPlay and Homekit >> Enable AirPlay.

1. Connect the iOS device and Roku TV on the same WIFI network.

2. Install the Plex application from the App Store.

3. Launch the application and complete the sign-in process.

4. Choose your favorite content on Plex and play it.

5. Then tap on the AirPlay icon on the media player.

AirPlay icon

6. Select your Roku TV from the list of devices.

7. Now, you can enjoy watching your Plex content on your TV.

Why is Plex Not Working on Roku

If your Plex app is not working on the Roku, it may be due to software glitches, temporary bugs, or outdated firmware. For that, you can try some of the troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem.

  • Ensure stable internet connectivity on your device.
  • Restart the Roku TV to clear up the temporary bugs.
  • Update the Roku device to the latest version and update the Plex app’s outdated version.
  • Also, check the server outage of Plex by using the Downdetector or Twitter page.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Plex application to solve app-related problems.
  • Log out and re-login the Plex account, which resolves the account-based issues.


What does the Plex media server do?

The plex media server creates a client server for watching movies, TV shows, and music. Also, you can share the personal media libraries amount of the user-specific collection.

Can I use Plex without using the Plex server?

No, it is possible to use the Plex without creating the Plex server.

Is Plex free on Roku?

You can use Plex completely free of cost with basic functionality. For more premium features, you should get a Plex subscription.