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Plex vs Emby – Which is the best media center for Streaming?



Plex vs Emby

In the world of online streaming, you have many options to use. Moreover, selecting the correct platform at the correct time is the tedious task. Here from this post, we are going to take a close look at Plex vs Emby. This both streaming services that offer you some unique features, where all the supportive users can watch all your favourite contents online. Mostly, you may spend a lump sum amount of time in thinking and be considering the different states of Plex vs Emby. Here we offered the comparison chart, which has shown the differences and similarities; pros and cons of Plex vs Emby. Now we can go somewhat deeper into some of the comparisons between Plex vs Emby.

Plex vs Emby
Plex vs Emby

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Plex vs Emby Comparision Table

FeaturePlex Media ServerScoreEmby ServerScore
Centralized Database for Multiple ClientsYes5/5Yes5/5
Database Management (Ease of Use)Web Interface4/5Web Interface5/5
Client Device AvailabilityLots More (Purchase Required)5/5Lots (Purchase Required)4/5
Development ModelClosed Source (Proprietary)Open Source
Support / MaintenanceProfessionalActive Community
Requires Dedicated ServerYesYes
Transcoding FlexibilityHandled by Server and Client5/5Handled by Server and/or Client5/5
Ease of Installation and SetupVery Simple5/5Simple4/5
Flexibility / CustomizationLimited Flexibility2/5Flexible Options / Open Source3/5
Kodi Skin Availability and IntegrationLimited Skins / Support2/5All Skins / Full Support5/5
Remote StreamingYes5/5Yes5/5
Live TV/PVRNot Supported1/5Limited Support / Under Development2/5
CostFree, $5 per Client and/or Optional Subscription4/5Free, $5 per Client and/or Optional Subscription4/5
Scraping AccuracyVery High5/5High4/5
Android / iOS Companion and Remote Control AppYes – Android and iOS ($5 each)4/5Yes – Android and iOS ($5 each)4/5
Maturity of Media Centre PlatformEstablished4/5Becoming Established2/5

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

  • Centralized Database Management
  • Client Device Availability
  • Ease of Installation and Use vs Flexibility and Customization
  • Add-ons and Live TV/PVR
  • Scraping Accuracy

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Centralized Database Management

Both the Plex and Emby online streaming services that offer you the centralized database management, where the option can be accessed through the web-based management tool. The Plex and Emby are quite pretty and easy for most of the users to use. Moreover, the Plex Server seems to be oriented to the less tech-savvy user, with that, it allows you to do some changes to your library, where it is more simpler and straightforward to use. When you compare with Plex, the Emby will offer you some more features, which is one of the excellent ways to manage all your database in Emby Server with the help of built-in “Metadata Manager”. Then the streaming service allows you to see the list of movies and it will show the graphical icons next to the list indicating what metadata may be missing.

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby
Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

Client Device Availability

The biggest advantages os Plex has over Emby is the only fact that grows longer than Emby. Then the services let the advantages of establishing themselves on a wide very wide selection device that includes streaming devices, gaming consoles, Mobile Devices, Smart TVs and more. Moreover, the Emby has reached up to the level, but it does not have the same level of client device availability as Plex. Where here some of the users may be faced the client instability with Emby client devices when comparing with Plex client devices.

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby
Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

Ease of Installation and Use vs Flexibility and Customization

Plex and Emby are extremely easy to install and use. The Plex streaming service is more geared towards a beginner level user, which is evident in the simplicity and quiet ease of use. Once after you install the Emby, where you will notice that the interface is a bit more complicated for the beginners than Plex Server, and it will not offers the step by step walkthrough. The experienced users of Emby can easily find their way around Emby fairly easily. Emby designed with more rich features, where the service will offer you more customization features than Plex, with that, it is more robust parental controls, and it has comprehensive metadata managers.

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby
Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

Add-ons and Live TV/PVR

Emby and Plex can support all channels and plugins. Where some of the basic application can attach themselves it to the Emby or Plex server, and they extended all their functions through the server to your client. Here you have various ways to get all your favourite content to the client device, then you will get some Plex Channels, and it will be quite useful, and if you see in Emby, the number of plugins for Emby is a bit more limited. Now the Emby is making some progress with the plugins, and it will offer you the ability to watch, and PVR live TV directly.

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby
Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

Scraping Accuracy

Emby has levelled its one of the criticism, but it is not much accurate in identifying media, with that, it subsequently scraping the appropriate metadata. In the Emby media server, they faced some of the Misscrapes, but it occurs only in low percentage. All these things that you have experienced with the Plex are higher than this. Where the impact if just for a few minutes to point.

Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby
Detailed Comparision of Plex vs Emby

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