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How to Install and Setup Plex on Xbox One and Xbox 360?



Plex on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Plex is a popular home media playback system that lets stream media on devices like Windows, Mac, Smartphones, gaming consoles, and much more devices. Plex Server is capable of streaming all types of media files including movies, audios, TV Shows, live TV channels and photos. On the other side, watching movies or live TV through the Xbox consoles will provide a delightful experience. For more streaming experience on Xbox, Plex is the best way to go. By purchasing Plex Pass subscription for Plex account, your library will be populated automatically with the latest movies, HD movie trailers, TV shows and much more. Plex Pass also gives you access to premium plex features like Cloud Sync, multi-user control, Plex sync, parental controls and much more. In this article, we will teach you how to install and Setup plex on Xbox consoles.

Plex on Xbox One
Plex on Xbox One

Plex Media Server vs Plex Media Player

Plex Media Server is server software which let you store your media files like audios, music, videos and more. Plex Media Player is a media software which let you access the media contents that you stored on the Plex Media Server.

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How to install and Setup Plex on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

Step 1: Start your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console and open the Microsoft store.

Step 2: On the store, find navigate to the search option.

Plex on Xbox 360
Plex on Xbox 360

Step 3: Open the search option and search for Plex.

Step 4: On the search results, open the official Plex application and tap Get.

Plex on Xbox 360
Plex for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Step 5: Wait for Plex to get installed on your Xbox console.

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Step 6: Once the installation was finished, tap Launch to open the Plex app.

Step 7: Enter your Plex account login details and enjoy streaming your media that you stored on the Plex Media server. If you have purchased Plex pass subscription for your Plex account, you can enjoy watching live TV shows and more.

Final Thoughts

This is how you can install and setup Plex on Xbox 360 & Xbox One to watch the latest movies, TV shows, movie trailer and more in HD resolution. Don’t forget to use a VPN service while accessing the geo-restricted contents on Plex. Using a VPN service will help you to hide your identity and it prevents others from monitoring or tracking your online activities.

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