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Putty Pageant | How To Use Pageant to Streamline SSH Key Authentication



How to Use Putty Pageant

Putty Pageant provides you with the ability to utilize several protocols and includes the ability to transfer files. The .exe extension on a filename shows the executable file. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer, So that please read below to decide for yourself whether the pageant.exe on your computer, is a Trojan which you should remove, or whether it is the file belonging to the Windows operating systems or a trusted application. It provides you with the authentication to the putty portable.

How to Use Putty Pageant
How to Use Putty Pageant

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How to Use Putty Pageant

The below steps will let you know how you can avoid starting programs, entering login information or typing passwords when using the Putty.

Step 1: Download Putty installer from the Putty Download Page and Make sure to grab the “Installer.”
Step 2: And then Install Putty
Step 3: Start PuttyGen from Start -> PuTTY-> PuttyGen
Step 4: Generate a new key and save it as a .ppk file without the passphrase
Step 5: Use Putty to login to the server you wish to connect to
Step 6: Append the Public Key text from PuttyGen to the text of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
Step 7: Create a shortcut to your .ppk file from the Start -> Putty to Start -> Startup
Step 8: Select the .ppk shortcut from the Startup menu (this will happen automatically at every startup)
Step 9: See the Pageant icon in the system tray? Right-click it and select the “New Session.”
Step 10: Enter username@hostname in the “Hostname” field
Step 11: Now you will now log in automatically.

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