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PuTTY Portable | Free SSH and Telnet Client for Windows



Putty Portable

PuTTY Portable is the Telnet Client and SSH Server for Windows which is packed with the features which can be transported anywhere on a USB stick or the external storage device. What’s more, is that it is entirely free. PuTTY Portable lets you connect to another computer remotely using the Telnet and the SSH protocols. It will be great if you are an administrator as you can use the PuTTY Portable to take complete control of the machine and work at this remotely. In PuTTY window which is opened, you can send messages to the other machine and vice versa. This leads to one of the major difficulties when using PuTTY Portable – the program does not remember the credentials for the successive logins. This is understandable for the security reasons but could end up being very annoying, if you use the PuTTY Portable regularly, connect to the external client.

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Putty Portable
PuTTY Portable

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You need to control the remote computer and need a client which supports SSH, then PuTTY Portable is a superb option considering which is free and portable. This describes how to use PuTTY gen to convert Amazon Web Services Key Pair files (.pem) to the PuTTY Private Key file (.ppk) After which it will explain how to load this key file into the Pageant, so you don’t have to remember where you saved it in the future. The Pageant window contains the list box. which shows the private keys pageant is holding. When you start the Pageant, it has no keys so that a list box will be empty. After you add one or more keys, they show up in a list box. You can select the views of keys from this menu.

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