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How to Clear Cache on Roku TV in All Possible Ways



How to Clear Cache on Roku

If you feel the Roku device works slowly and the app doesn’t respond immediately, you need to clear the cache. Although cache helps in quick app load, it hinders performance in the long term. When you notice the apps crash and freeze, it is because of high cache storage. Hence, you need to remove the cache continuously to keep the device and apps stable.

Moreover, deleting the cache also rectifies errors present, if any. Roku doesn’t have a specific setting to delete the cache. You can either use the remote button shortcuts or reboot the Roku device to erase the cache storage.

What Does Clearing the Cache on Roku do

Upon clearing the Roku Cache memory, you will get the following benefits:

  • Roku performance will increase.
  • Increased speed and load time.
  • Fixes minor bugs or issues such as the black screen.
  • Resolves device freezing or slugging performance.
  • Free up storage space on Roku.

How to Clear Cache on Roku With Remote

To clear cache files on your Roku streaming devices like Roku Streaming Stick, 3, 4, Express HD, Premiere, Ultra, and 4K, follow the below procedure.

[1] Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your remote console.

[2] Select the Home option on your Roku before proceeding further.

Switch to Home option

[3] Now, fetch your Roku remote and do the following:

  • Press the Home button 5 times
  • Press the Up button once
  • Click the Rewind button 2 times
  • Press the Fast Forward twice
Press the respective keys on Roku remote to clear the cache

[4] After that, wait for a few seconds. Your Roku device will remove the cache and corrupted files from the system and begin to restart automatically.

How to Clear Cache on Roku From Settings

Instead of using the remote combinations, you can also clear the junk and cache data using Settings.

[1] Navigate the Roku home screen and select Settings.

Select Settings option on Roku

[2] Then, select the System option.

Choose System option on Roku

[3] After that, select System Restart and hit the Restart option.

Click Restart on Roku

[4] Confirm your restart from the popup to initiate the restart.

[5] Now, your Roku device will turn off and on automatically and clear all the junk files stored on your device.

How to Clear App Cache on Roku TV

You can uninstall the app on your Roku device to clear the cache files on a specific app.

[1] Open the Roku home screen and press the Right button on your remote.

[2] From the channel grid, choose the app that you want to uninstall.

[3] After selecting the app, press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

Press the Asterisk button on Roku to clear cache

[4] From the popup screen, click Remove Channel.

Click Remove Channel

[5] Further, click Remove again to uninstall the app on your Roku.

[6] Now, the cache files for the specific app will be cleared.

[7] Finally, you can install the same app by navigating Streaming Channels  Search Channel → search for the app  Add Channel to install it back without any junk files.

Click Add Chanel to re-install apps

Clear Cache on Roku by Factory Reset

Moreover, you can also clear the cache files on your device by performing a factory reset. Remember that the factory reset will remove all the data and installed apps stored on your Roku. So, make sure to back up the mandatory data before the reset.

[1] Click the Settings option from the Roku home screen.

[2] Then, scroll down and go to System  Advanced System Settings.

Click Advanced System Settings

[3] After that, select the Factory Reset option.

[4] Input the passcode displayed on the TV screen and click OK.

Factory reset Roku to clear cache

[5] From the popup window, click Start Factory Reset.

Finally, after a successful restart, all the cache data will be eliminated from your Roku device.

Does Clearing Cache on Roku Deletes Data?

No, clearing the cache doesn’t delete the data stored in the app. So, you need not doubt whether clearing the cache will delete the app data, such as login credentials. Note that the cache files are temporary files that contain information about the apps on your Roku device. Those information helps in quick retrieval whenever required. Most of the time, you have to clear cache files when the app is not working or loading properly. Although clearing the cache doesn’t delete any data, factory resetting Roku will delete data as well as the installed apps from the device.


1. How to clear the cache on Roku without a remote?

Install the official Roku app on your smartphone via App Store or Play Store and sign in with credentials. After that, perform a hard restart by navigating Settings → System → System Restart  Restart to clear the cache on Roku.

2. Can I clear the cache on Roku-powered smart TV?

Yes, if you’re using Rokup-powered smart TVs like Onn, TCL, Hisense, and Insignia, use the remote key combinations to clear the cache on your Roku.

3. How to clear the cache on Hisense Roku TV?

The cache files on Hisense TV can be cleared by pressing the Quick Menu button on your remote. Go to Settings System Application Settings Clear Cache Clear to clear the cache on your TV. Select Delete Cookies Clear to delete browser and app cookies.

4. How to clear the Netflix cache on Roku TV?

You can follow the remote sequence mentioned above to clear the cache of the Netflix app on your Roku device.

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