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How to Download and Setup Kodi for Roku?



Kodi for Roku

In this modern world, the cord-cutting devices and applications like Roku and Kodi have changed the trend of online video streaming into a new level. It let us watch our favorite content right from our preferred device. Roku is a popular streaming media player and Kodi is an open source media entertainment hub. With best Kodi addons, you can watch and enjoy all live TV channels with ease. Even though both have a huge fan following around the world, they are not compatible with each other. But don’t lose hope, because there is a way to install Kodi on Roku. Since Roku is a native C/C++ application, it doesn’t support Kodi. Hence, there is no official Kodi application for Kodi. The only way to use Kodi on Roku is by casting Kodi screen on your Roku device. It lets you watch and enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows and audio’s on the biggest screen in your house. In this article, we will teach you how to install Kodi on Roku.

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Roku Devices which supports screen mirroring:

  • Roku 2 with Version 5.6 and above
  • Roku 3 with Version 5.6 and above
  • Roku 4 with version 5.6 and above
  • Roku Stick with Version 5.6 and above
  • Roku TV with version 6.2 and above
  • Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, and Roku Ultra.

(Disclaimer: Be it Roku or Kodi, there are certain contents that restrict you from accessing them. Due to license issues and country-specific content agreement, you can’t watch a content that is available to a specific country. For example, you can’t watch BT Sports channel (UK Channel) outside the UK. By using VPN service, you can access these geo-restricted content without revealing your IP address. It also prevents others from tracking your online activities. We recommend you to use ExpressVPN or PureVPN).

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku 4/3/2?

Follow these simple steps to enable the screen mirroring on Roku:

Step 1: Visit the home page of the Roku device by pressing the home button on your Roku remote.

Roku Home Button on Remote
Roku Home Button on Remote

Step 2: Visit the Settings option and check out whether you have updated to the latest version or not. If not, then upgrade it to the latest version.

Step 3: Again go back to the Settings menu and tap Screen Mirroring.

Enable Screen Mirroring
Enable Screen Mirroring

Step 4: Tap Enable Screen Mirroring.

That’s it. you have successfully Screen Mirroring on your Roku device successfully. Now you can pair your Smartphone or PC with your Roku to enjoy the Kodi content on your TV.

How to cast Kodi on Roku through Windows PC?

Make sure that Kodi app was installed on your Windows OS device. Check out how to install & setup Kodi on Windows PC?

Kodi for Roku
Kodi for Roku

Step 1: Go to Start Menu on your PC.

Step 2: Tap Settings on Windows 10 PC.

(For Windows 8.1 & below, search for settings and tap “PC Settings”).

Step 3: From the settings, open “Devices” (Windows 10).

(For Windows 8.1 & below, tap PC and Devices).

Step 4: Tap Devices (Windows 8.1 & below) or Bluetooth and Other Devices (Windows 10).

Step 5: Tap Add a Device (Windows 8.1 & below) or Add Bluetooth or Other Device (Windows 10).

Step 6: Wait for Windows device to scan and find your Roku device.

(Note: Make sure that you have connected your Roku device with TV).

Step 7: After connecting Roku through Windows, you will be displayed with the device’s screen on your TV.

Step 8: Then open Kodi app on your Windows and enjoy it on your Roku device.

How to cast Kodi on Roku through Android mobile?

To cast Kodi on Roku TV, your Android device must run on Android version of 4.4.2 or above. Also, make sure that you have installed the screen mirroring application and Kodi application on your android device. You can download both Kodi and screen mirroring application directly from the Google Play Store. Check out how to install and setup Kodi on Android?

Recommended Apps for Screen Mirroring on Android:

  • HTC Devices – HTC Connect
  • Samsung Devices – All Share Cast or Smart View
  • LG Devices – Smart Share
  • Devices running on Lollipop version – Screen Casting from the Settings menu
  • Devices running on Latest android version – Cast / Cast Screen from the Settings menu
  • Devices running on Google Android – Display Mirror / Wireless Display from the Settings menu

Step 1: On your Android device, navigate to settings menu.

(If you don’t have default cast feature on your android, open the installed screen mirroring android app).

Step 2: Search out for the Cast feature. You will Cast feature either in Display menu or Bluetooth & Device connection menu.

Step 3: Tap cast and enable wireless display.

(The feature name may very according to the android version.).

Step 4: Your device will search for the nearby wireless devices.

Step 5: Then you will be displayed with the name of the Roku device.

(Make sure that you have already enabled screen mirroring on your Roku device).

Step 6: Tap your Roku device name and cast your Kodi content on Roku.

Final Thoughts

Roku is one of the best streaming devices and Kodi is a powerful and open source media player. If we use both together, then it will be a great experience. Kodi is not compatible with Roku OS, but it can be enjoyed through mirroring your Kodi screen on Roku TV. We hope the article how to install Kodi on Roku 4/3/2 is helpful to you.

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