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How to Install Apps on Roku Device in 3 Ways



How to install app on Roku

In the modern days of OTT platforms and live TV provider subscriptions, everyone has moved away from traditional DVD and cable TV connections to apps. So if you just got your Roku device, it is necessary to know how to install apps from the Channel Store. If you’re new to the Roku platform, you must know that Apps are denoted as Channels and not Apps. The steps to install a new app on the Roku device is pretty easy and straightforward, unlike other streaming services.

Apart from the traditional method of installing the app on the device, you can download the app from the Channel Store website and the Roku app on your smartphone. To download apps using these methods it is necessary to sign in with the same account you used to set up your Roku device on the app or website.

How to Download an App on Roku Device

Similar to other devices, Roku has a built-in app store named Roku Chanel Store to install apps and games. Accessing the Roku Channel Store allows you to install popular apps, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Discovery Plus on Roku.

[1] Power on your Roku Streaming Stick or Express and connect it to a WiFi network.

[2] Hit the Home button on the Roku remote control to navigate the home screen.

Press the Home button

[3] Then, navigate to the Streaming Channel options using the directional pad.

[4] After that, select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels

[5] Now, enter the app name that you want to download using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

Enter the name of the app using Roku's on-screen keyboard

[6] Pick the app from the search result and click the Add Channel button to install the app on Roku.

Click Add Channel button on Roku

[7] Then, click OK from the popup menu.

Click OK from the popup

[7] Once installed, select the Go to Channel option to launch the app on your Roku.

Click Go to Channel to launch the apps on Roku

How to Install Apps on Roku Via Website

Besides installing the app directly, you can also navigate the Channel Store website from your browser to install any apps on Roku.

[1] Fetch a smartphone or PC and visit the official website of the Channel Store from a web browser of your choice.

[2] From there, click the Sign In option at the top right and sign in with your Roku account with credentials.

Sign in to your Roku account

[3] Once signed in, select the Search Channels bar and input the app name you want to download on your Roku.

[4] Then, pick the respective app from the search result.

[5] Now, click the + Add Channel button to install the app directly on your Roku streaming device.

Click + Add Channel to install the apps on Roku

[6] If your Roku account has a passcode, enter the PIN to add the channel to your Roku.

[7] Finally, within 24 hours, the app will be successfully added to your Roku device.

How to Install App on Roku using Roku App

Alternatively, you can also install the official Roku app on your smartphones or tablets and browse the section to install an app on your Roku.

[1] Unlock your smartphone and install the official Roku app via App Store or Play Store.

[2] Once installed, launch the app and sign in with your Roku account with credentials.

[3] After that, click the Devices icon at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Devices option

Note: If you’re using this app for the first time, you must pair the app with your Roku device and follow the on-screen prompts to set up the app.

[4] After that, click the Channel Store option at the top.

Click on Channel Store

[5] Then, search and pick the app and click the Add button.

Click the Add button to install the apps on Roku

[6] Now, the app gets installed on your Roku device.

Can’t Install App on Roku – Best Fixes

If you’re facing any issues while installing the apps on your Roku, don’t worry. Here are some troubleshooting methods that you must follow to eradicate the error.


1. Can I sideload apps on Roku?

No. Unlike Firestick, Android, or Google TVs, Roku doesn’t allow its users to sideload the geo-restricted apps or apps that are unavailable in Roku Channel Store.

2. How to add third-party apps on Roku?

Usually, you can’t install third-party apps on your Roku device. On the contrary, you can install the APK file on your Android devices and utilize the screen mirroring feature on Roku to watch the content.

3. Can I install Downloader on Roku?

No. You can’t install the Downloader app on your Roku streaming device.

4. How to Uninstall an app on Roku

To uninstall a Roku app, press the Home button and highlight the app that you want to uninstall. After that, press the Asterisk (*) button and click the Remove Channel option from the popup to uninstall an app.

5. How to Add a Private Channel on Roku?

Sign in to your Roku account from the Chanel Store website and navigate to Manage Account → Add Channel With a Code Enter the code for the private channel Add Channel to add the private channel or beta channel on your Roku.

6. What to do when you come across Roku Channel Store not available issue?

To fix up the missing Roku Channel Store issue, you need to update Roku firmware with the latest version.

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