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How to Pair Roku Remote to TV for the First Time



How to pair Roku remote

Pairing the remote to your Roku streaming device is one of the crucial steps to start using your streaming device. If you’re setting up your Roku device or lost your old remote and just bought a new one, establishing the connection between the devices is necessary to operate the Roku device. Unlike other streaming devices, you can easily pair your Roku remote with your devices without any complex procedures.

To pair your remote, insert the batteries, press the pairing button, and wait for your Roku device to recognize the remote. Based on the type of remote you get with your device, the pairing procedure might slightly change but still very simple.

How to Pair a Roku Remote

During the Roku setup process, you must pair your Roku remote with the device to access content on the TV screen reliably. However, the pairing process will vary for each remote. Follow the below procedure to pair your Roku remote.

Pairing a Roku Simple Infrared Remote

Usually, not all Roku remotes need to be paired with the Roku device. For example, Roku Simple Remote can work without the pairing procedure.

[1] Power on your Roku device and ensure a stable WIFI connection on Roku.

[2] Fetch your Roku Simple Remote and insert the batteries in the dock.

[3] After that, point the remote on your Roku device and press any button.

Press any button on Roku Simple Remote

[4] It will work reliably without any further prompts.

Roku Simple Remote uses infrared light to manage the operation. So, make sure that there are no distortions between both points while in contact.

Pairing a Roku Enhanced/Voice Remote

Unless you have the Roku Simple Remote, you have to pair the Roku Enhanced Remote with your Roku device. This specific model uses RF (Radio Frequency) waves to control your Roku player. This remote has a Pairing button and a status light on the back panel. You can follow the procedure to pair your Roku Voice Remote and Voice Remote Pro.

[1] Turn on your Roku TV and fetch the Enhanced remote.

[2] Insert the batteries in the battery compartment.

[3] After that, press the Pairing button at the back of your remote control for 5 seconds.

Press the Pairing button on Roku remote

[4] Release the Pairing button after the status light flashes.

[5] Once the status light flashes, your remote starts to pair with your Roku device.

[6] After a successful pairing, you can see the confirmation message on your Roku screen.

Roku Remote pairing message on TV screen

How to Sync Roku Voice Remote Without Pairing Button

In some cases, Roku Voice remotes don’t have the Pairing button at the back. These specific models have the status light at the left of the Power button.

[1] Remove the battery pull tab at the back of your voice remote.

[2] Insert the batteries into the battery compartment.

[3] Then, press and hold the Home and Back button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Press the Home and Back button on Roku remote to pair

[4] Now, the status light will flash and put your remote in pairing mode.

[5] Finally, when the Roku streaming device detects your remote, it displays the Pairing Remote message on the screen.

After a successful pairing, your Roku voice remote is ready to use without any interruptions.

How to Pair a New Roku Remote through Settings

If you’re switching your old Roku remote with a new one, you can manually follow the settings prompt to establish the connection. You can also follow the same procedure when you want to re-pair your Roku remote.

[1] Press the Home button on your remote and navigate the home screen.

[2] Then, click the Settings menu at the left sidebar.

[3] After that, scroll down and choose Remotes & Devices option.

Select Remote and Devices option

[4] Choose Set Up a New Device to proceed further.

Choose Set Up a New Device

[5] Next, select Remote and click Continue.

Select Remote and click Continue

[6] Now, choose where the microphone pinhole is located on your new remote.

Choose where the microphone pinhole is located on your Roku remote

[7] Then, the on-screen prompts will differ depending on the model of your remote.

[8] Follow the prompts and pair your new remote to your Roku player or stick.

By following the above procedure, you can also pair your Roku Touch Tabletop Remote.

How to Unpair a Roku Remote

After pairing the new one, you must unpair the existing remote linked to your Roku player to avoid issues.

[1] Turn on your Roku TV or player.

[2] Point your Roku remote at the player and press the Home, Back, and Pairing buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

[3] The LED will flash 3 times.

[4] After that, you can confirm the unpairing by following the prompts displayed on your Roku screen.

How to Reset an Unresponsive Roku Remote

If your Roku remote is unresponsive for a long time, follow the below algorithm to fix the issue.

[1] Turn off your Roku device and unplug it from the power source.

[2] Remove the batteries from the dock and wait for a few seconds.

Remove the batteries from Roku remote

[3] Then, plug in and power on your Roku device.

[4] Re-insert the batteries again, and once the Roku logo appears on the screen.

Re-insert the batteries on Roku remote

[5] Now, press and hold the Pairing button on your remote for a few seconds until the LED starts flashing.

[6] Finally, your Roku remote is put on pairing mode.

[7] Wait for a minute to see the pairing prompt on your Roku screen.

How to Pair Roku Remote App

Alternatively, if you aren’t familiar with the Roku remote, you can also use the official Roku app installed on your smartphone to control your device with ease.

[1] Initially, connect both your Roku device and smartphone to the same WiFi network.

[2] Then, fetch your smartphone and install the official Roku app via App Store or Play Store.

[3] Once installed, open the Roku app and sign in with your Roku credentials.

[4] Navigate to the Devices tab at the bottom.

[5] After the app is connected to your Roku device, hit the Remote option.

[6] Now, you can use the remote app to control your Roku device in your comfort.


1. Can I pair my Roku remote without WiFi?

Yes. You can pair your Roku remote to a Roku player or stick without using a WiFi network. On the contrary, it is mandatory if you’re pairing the device with a mobile app.

2. Where is the pairing button on Roku remote?

Usually, the pairing button is located on the back side of the Roku voice remote.

3. Does Roku Simple Remote have a pairing button?

No. The pairing button is only for Roku’s Enhanced remote controls. You can sync the Roku Simple Remote without pairing.

4. How do I sync my Roku remote to my soundbar?

From the Roku home screen, navigate to the Audio settings and choose Audio System. After that, look for the connected devices and follow the prompts to sync your soundbar to the Roku remote.

5. Why is the Roku remote not pairing?

Roku remote may not pair due to weak batteries, obstructions blocking the remote signal, HDMI connection interference, etc.

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