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How to Reset and Repair Roku Remote to Fix Issues



How to reset Roku remote

If your Roku remote stops working or doesn’t function well for a long time, you need to reset it to fix the issues. Some of the common reasons behind the Roku remote doesn’t work are pairing issues, low battery, and internal glitches. If you have followed the troubleshooting steps and the problem isn’t fixed yet, you can begin resetting your Roku remote.

The steps to reset the remote vary depending on the models. If you are looking for a perfect guide, follow this article to begin your reset process. Once you reset, you can pair the remote with Roku and start using it normally.

Reasons for Roku Remote Not Working

If your Roku remote is not working properly, these are the common reasons behind it:

  • The batteries may run out of charge.
  • The pairing process is incomplete.
  • Some malfunctions on your Roku remote.
  • There may be some obstacles between the transmitter (remote) and receiver (Roku).

How to Reset Roku Simple Remote

Resetting a Roku Simple Remote is a straightforward method, just like pairing the Roku remote. Just follow the below prompts if you have any issues with it.

[1] Power off your Roku streaming device.

[2] Then, remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

Remove the batteries from Roku remote

[3] After a few minutes, turn on your Roku again and re-insert the batteries.

[4] Now, you can try to control your Roku Simple Remote remote

How to Reset Roku Enhanced/ Voice Remote

Unlike the Roku Simple Remote, the resetting procedure is quite complicated on the Roku Enhanced Remote control.

[1] Initially, remove the batteries from your Roku Enhanced Remote.

[2] After that, unplug your Roku device from the power source.

[3] Wait for a few minutes and reconnect your Roku device back to the power source.

[4] Now, reinsert the batteries into the battery compartment.

[5] Next, press the Pairing button on your Roku remote.

Press the Pairing button on Roku remote

[6] Release the button when you see the status light flash green.

Status light flashing green on Roku remote

[7] Finally, a pairing prompt displays on your Roku TVs screen, indicating you’ve established a connection to the Roku receiver.

How to Pair a New Roku Remote

Moreover, if you purchased a new Roku remote, follow the below algorithm to pair it with your Roku streaming device.

[1] Press the Home button on your old Roku remote and navigate to Settings.

[2] After that, scroll down and choose Remotes & Devices option.

Select Remotes & Devices on Roku

[3] After that, select Pair a New Device.

Click Pair a new device on Roku

[4] Now, choose the Remote option.

Choose the Remote option on Roku

[5] Now, fetch your remote and insert the batteries into the battery compartment.

[6] Then, press the Pairing button for 5 seconds.

[7] Once your Roku recognizes your Roku device, it will pair automatically.

Pairing Roku remote with TV


1. How to reset Roku remote without the pairing or reset button?

If you’re using a Roku Simple remote, just pull out the batteries and insert them again to complete the procedure.

2. Where is the reset button on Roku remote?

Usually, it is located at the back of your Roku Enhanced or voice remote.

3. Does Roku Simple Remote have a reset button?

No. Roku Simple Remote doesn’t come with a built-in reset button.

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