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How to Restart Roku Device [2 Simple and Easy Ways]



How to Restart Roku

If you notice the Roku device or app’s performance is not up to the mark, you can make a restart or reboot. Restarting the Roku will clear the app cache, fixes minor bugs, and mainly refines the device’s performance. You can perform a reboot, and resolve the problems immediately, instead of following the time-consuming troubleshooting steps. Whether it can be an app crash or freeze issue, you can easily fix it with a restart.

Unlike resetting Roku, a reboot doesn’t remove channels or delete storage completely. Hence, start restarting Roku with or without using the remote by following this expert guide.

When to Restart Roku Device

You may have to restart your Roku device in the following instances

  • The app is not working or loading
  • Roku device has frozen screen or black screen
  • Apps buffering or lagging while streaming
  • Unresponsive to remote controls
  • Can’t connect to WiFi
  • Roku device crashes every time you load any app
  • After updating Roku, you should restart the device

How to Restart Roku TV with Remote

You can access the Restart option in the System Settings of the device. Make sure that the Power cable stay connected during restart.

1. Go to the Roku home screen and press the Home button on the Roku remote.

2. Select Settings in the menu.

Select Settings

3. Scroll down and click System in Settings.

Click System in Settings

4. Select the System Restart option.

Choose System Restart to restart Roku device

4. Choose Restart to confirm your choice and restart the device.

Select Restart to Restart Roku device

How to Restart Roku Device without Remote

In case you have lost your remote or your remote is not working properly, you can also restart your device via Power Cycle. This hard restart is a simple process of removing and connecting the Power cable to the Power Source.

1. Disconnect the Roku Power Cable from the Power Source.

2. Remove the other cables connected to the Roku device and wait for a few minutes.

3. Now, reconnect the Power Cable to the Power Source and other cables to Roku.

4. Power on the Roku device and access the streaming device.


How to reset Roku without a remote?

The Roku device can be reset without the TV remote using the Reset button at the back of the Roku device. You have to long-press the Reset button for 10 seconds until the light starts to blink to reset the Roku device.

How to reset your Roku PIN?

You have to go to the Roku official website and log in to your account. Move to the PIN Preferences and select Update. Enter the New PIN and save your Preferences for the PIN.

How to restart a Roku remote?

The possible way to restart a remote is to remove the batteries on the remote. After some time, insert the batteries and re-pair the remote to the Roku device.

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