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How to Set Up Roku Device to TV – A Complete Guide



How to set up Roku

If you have purchased a new Roku streaming device, you need to connect it to Smart TV and set it up to start using it. Before you get into the setup process, ensure you have got all the necessary things such as HDMI cable. If you have a Roku TV, you can don’t need an external device to get on with it.

Once you set it up, you can connect the device to the internet and begin installing the apps on Roku from the Channel Store. You can find the apps on Roku from various categories. Regardless of your Roku device model, follow the below setup guide to get started and unlock further features.

How to Set Up Roku Streaming Device

The setup process will vary slightly depending on the specific Roku model you have. Here’s a summarized version of the setup process for the Roku Express, Streaming Stick 4K, Premiere, 3, 2, and Ultra LT:

Connect your Roku Device to HDMI

Usually, Roku devices consist of HDMI and USB ports. If your Roku Streaming Stick has a USB port, connect it to your TV directly. For HDMI, follow the below procedure.

[1] Initially, plug one end of the HDMI cable into your Roku streaming device.

[2] Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your TV.

Connect your Roku to HDMI

In case you have Roku Streaming Stick with an HDMI pin, then you can directly connect the Roku Stick to the TV HDMI port.

If your Roku device has a composite three-pinned cable (RCA cable), connect the appropriate color-coded connectors to the corresponding ports on your TV.

Connect the Device to the Power Source

[1] Plug the Power Adapter into your Roku device.

[2] Connect the Power Adapter to a Power Source. Meanwhile, some Roku streaming devices can be powered via a USB port on your TV, but we generally recommend you use the power adapter.

Connect the power adapter to wall outlet

Set Up the Roku Remote

[1] Open the battery compartment on the back of the Roku remote.

[2] Insert the provided batteries into the compartment.

[3] Close the battery compartment and press the Pairing button on the remote for a few seconds until the status light flashes.

For a rechargeable Roku remote, you can press the Pairing button at the back of the remote to pair it to the TV.

[4] After that, your remote will starts to pair with your Roku.

[5] Once the remote is paired with your Roku, you can see the confirmation message on your screen.

Furthermore, if you own a Roku Simple Remote, just insert the battery into the compartment to access your Roku without pairing.

Turn On the TV and Select the Correct Input

[1] Turn on your TV.

[2] Use the TV remote to select the input source that corresponds to the HDMI or composite port where you connected your Roku device.

Select the input source

Connect Roku Device to WiFi

[1] When the Roku device powers on, it will display the Roku logo. Then, it flashes a series of setup screens on your TV.

[2] Select your preferred language.

Select your preferred language

[3] Now, you have to connect Roku to a standard internet connection.

[4] If you’re using a wired ethernet cable, click the Wired option. It will connect the Roku device to your WiFi router.

[5] For a wireless connection, click Wireless to proceed further.

[6] Connect your Roku streaming stick to a stable WiFi network by choosing the network from the list.

Connect Roku to WiFi

[7] If prompted, enter the Password and click Connect to connect with the network.

Enter the password and click Connect

[8] Allow the Roku device to download and install any available software updates.

Check and install the available software

[9] Choose the display type that matches your TV’s capabilities.

Choose the display type on Roku

[10] If you’re satisfied with your display type, click Yes, screen looks good to proceed further. If not, change accordingly.

Activate Roku Device

Finally, you must activate your Roku account from a web browser to complete the setup.

[1] On a computer or smartphone, go to and enter the provided Activation Code. Sign in to your existing Roku account.

Sign in or create an account

[2] If you don’t have one, select No, I need to create one and create a new account.

[3] Further, if you wish to secure your Roku with a PIN, choose the options accordingly.

Choose the PIN type

[4] Select the Payment method and enter the Payment Details. Now, you’ll be able to rent or purchase entertainment channels from your couch.

Select the payment method

[5] Add your favorite channels during the setup.

Adding your favorite channels during the set up

[6] Finally, an All Done! screen will display on your Roku screen after a successful setup.

A successful set up of Roku

After completing the above-mentioned algorithm, you can be able to access the Roku home screen and start adding channels to stream the media content. The exact process may vary slightly depending on your specific Roku model and any software updates that may have been released since this response was written.


1. How to set up Roku without a remote?

Use the Official Roku app installed on your smartphone to set up your Roku without using the standard remote control.

2. How to set up an Enhanced Roku remote?

After inserting the batteries, press the Pairing button on your remote control. Once the LED blinks, release the button to pair the Enhanced Roku remote with your Roku device.

3. How to set up a Roku Streambar?

You can use the HDMI cable to set up your Roku Streambar on your TV.

4. How to set up HomeKit on Roku?

You can go to Settings and select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit to turn on the facility on your Roku device. The AirPlay on Roku helps in connecting to iOS and Mac PC for streaming content to your TV. The HomeKit can connect to the Apple Smart Home device to view and control them on your TV.

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